Is your whirlpool refrigerator not cooling? Should you try fixing it yourself ?

Well we all have all these questions when our refrigerator fails to freeze properly. But before jumping into the challenge of fixing your fridge yourself . You must know about the reason behind your problem. There could be several reasons behind poor functioning of your refrigerator. So before you awake your mechanic spirit and begin repairing your refrigerator on your own. You must do a bit of research and try to understand all possible reasons and then attempt the repair if you feel the problem is simple, don’t go for any complex repair as you can worsen the situation by doing so.  

Things to be checked if the refrigerator is not freezing.

Make sure that the refrigerator is plugged in and getting the electricity. Check if the thermostat has turned down by mistake, turn it up if it is so. There should be no blockage in the back freezer compartment by ice or other stuff. Nothing must be stuck on the condenser fan and that it can freely spin . to check this unplug the fridge , clean the blades and spin the fan manually to see if it is stuck . plug in the fridge and make sure the fan spins when the compressor runs.

Fridge and freezer issues.

The poor performance could be a result of some malfunctioning part . here we have listed some common issues occurring with a refrigerator and its parts and tricks to fix them.

Refrigerator compressor.

If your freezer fan is running as usual but the fridge is not getting cold then the problem could be in the compressor. Compressor is located behind the fridge at the bottom. It compresses and pushes the refrigerant vapor into the coils outside the fridge, which creates heat , this hot gas later cools down and absorbs heat from the freezer and fridge. You can replace the compressor start relay, which is a much easier and affordable option. But if your problem remains unsolved even after testing with a new compressor start relay then you might have to change the compressor itself.

Condenser coils.

It carries hot gas from compressor to evaporator coils. If these coils get clogged there will be poor air circulation and the fridge will fail to cool. If this is the issue then you might have to put in some effort in cleaning the coils using a coil brush to turn off the fridge first.

Condenser fans.

As the compressor and condenser coil works this condenser fan cools them down. So in absence of its proper functioning the temperature of the fridge rises and it can over heat. make sure the fan is spinning freely without any hindrance. If there is no obstruction then you might have to replace your compressor fan. Get a new one from a local appliance part distributor. To replace it open the screws holding the fan and carefully remove it from the compartment. Remove the mounting bracket, remove the old fan and fix the new one.

Evaporator fan.

Evaporator fan collects the air across the evaporator coil, cools it and then pushes it through the freezer and fridge. If the evaporator fan has gone out of function your fridge will fail to produce cool air. Again the solution remains the same that is you might have to get a new evaporator fan and kick out your old one.

Air damper.

Air damper checks the amount of cold air to be shared from freezer to fridge. So if the air damper can’t open or close it is unable to cool down the fridge while the freezer remains unaffected. To fix this problem you have to replace your old air damper with a new one. Hope this article will solve your problem. Carefully analyse the situation and make your move but you must ensure your safety first. Take all necessary precautions and don’t get frustrated if you fail to fix it as electric appliances are very complex. If you still struggle to diagnose the real issue with your refrigerator then help yourself by calling a professional to treat it.  

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