Vitamix e320 vs 7500 Which one is the Ultimate Model]

Which Vitamix model should you buy?
There are two main types of Vitamix models: The Classic Series and the Professional Series.
Both are excellent machines but there are differences between them.
1 In this article I compare the features of both models and explain you which one is better suited to your needs.

Vitamix 7500 vs e320 Comparison Table

Vitamix e320 vs 7505 Comparison Table Vitamix 7505 vs e320 Comparison Table

Vitamix 7500 at a Glance

Vitamix E320 at a Glance Vitamix V7505 at a Glance

Vitamix E320 at a Glance

Vitamix 7505 at a Glance Vitamax V7505 at a glance

Similarities Between Vitamix 7500 and e320

Vitamix E320 at Amazon Vitamix 7500 at Amazon


Both machines are very similar but not exactly the same. Both machines have a 5 litre pitcher and a 2 liter pitcher. Both machines have a 3 cup measurer and a 1 cup measurer. Both machines have a 6 cup blender. Both machines have a 4 cup chopper. Both machines have a 12 cup juicer. Both machines have a 8 cup grinder. Both machines have a 10 cup mill. Both machines have a 14 cup slicer. Both machines have a 16 cup mixer. Both machines have a 20 cup processor. Both machines have a 24 cup processor. Both machines are priced around $1000. Both machines have a warranty of 1 year. Both machines have a customer service phone number. Both machines have a website. Both machines have a user manual. Both machines have a product description. Both machines have a manufacturer name. Both machines have a model number. Both machines have an operating system. Both machines


Blades are the part of the machine that cuts the fruit into pieces. It is usually made from stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is strong and durable. It is also easy to clean.


A motor is the heart of the blender. It is responsible for turning the blades and blending the ingredients. Most blenders have two motors. One is used to turn the blades and the other is used to blend the ingredients. Blade Answers: Blade is the part of the machine where the ingredients get cut into smaller pieces. It is usually manufactured from stainless steel. This material is very tough and durable. It is easy to clean.

Programs and Settings

Blender programs and settings vary depending on the type of blender you choose. For instance, if you buy a Vitamix blender, you can adjust the speed according to the consistency of the ingredients. If you buy a NutriBullet, you can set the program to chop, crush, grind, mix, puree, whip, or smooth. FAQs


Q: Can I clean my Nutribullet using dish soap? A: Yes, but only after the motor has cooled down completely. Use warm water and mild detergent like dishwashing liquid to wash off any residue from the blades.

Differences Between Vitamix 7500 and e320

Vitamix e320 is a smaller version of vitamix 7500. It is designed for people who are looking for a compact blender that can blend everything from smoothies to soups. This blender comes with a powerful 800 watt motor that allows you to get the job done quickly. It has a 1.5 litre jar that can hold enough ingredients for 2 cups of soup. It is easy to operate and has a cordless base that lets you move around freely while blending. It is perfect for making healthy drinks, smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings, dips, desserts, shakes, ice cream and even baby food. This blender has a variable speed dial that gives you complete control over the power of the machine. It has a pulse button that helps you create delicious frozen treats. It has a removable container that makes cleaning easier. It has a stainless steel blade that is strong and durable. It has a 5 year warranty.


There are different types of platforms available in the market. These platforms are used for various applications. For instance, if you are using it for baking, then you need to choose a platform that is suitable for baking. Similarly, if you are using the platform for mixing, then you need to select a platform that is suitable to mix.

Explorian Series

Explorian series is a new range of products from the company. It is designed for commercial kitchens and catering establishments. It is a fully automated system that provides complete flexibility and ease of operation. It comes with a built-in mixer, dough divider, and a conveyor belt. It is equipped with a touch screen display that allows users to monitor the status of the equipment. This ensures that the user does not have to go into the kitchen to check the status of the equipment while operating it.


G-series is a new range of product from the company. It consists of three different types of machines namely, G1, G2 and G3. These machines are used in restaurants and hotels. It is a fully automatic machine that helps in making breads, pizzas, pastries and other bakery items. It is equipped with two conveyors, a mixer and a dough divider. It is a self-contained unit that requires no external power supply.

Noise Level

It is very quiet and does not produce any noise during operation. It is suitable for commercial kitchens where hygiene is important. Capacity

What is the difference between the Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix 7500?

If you are looking for a quiet machine, then the Vitamix 750 is the best choice. It is the quietest model of the Vitamix range. It comes with a powerful 700 watt motor and a variable speed dial. This allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs. It comes with a 3 year warranty and a 2 year warranty on parts. You can get this machine from Amazon here.

Is vitamix coming out with a new model?

Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix 5300 There are two versions of the Vitamix 5000 Series. One is the Vitamix 5100 Series and the other is the Vitamix 5000 series. Both these machines are very similar except for the difference in the motor power. Both these machines have the same features but the only difference between the two is the motor power. So if you want to know which is better between the two then we suggest you read our article below.

Which is quieter vitamix 750 or 7500?

Yes, Vitamix is coming out with a new version of the Vitamix 5200 series. This new model is called the Vitamix 5300 Series. This new model will be released soon. So stay tuned for more information about this new model.

Is Vitamix 7500 worth it?

Vitamix 7500 is a great choice if you are looking for a powerful blender. It comes with a wide range of features and functions. The machine is easy to operate and clean. It is very durable and long lasting. You can easily make delicious healthy meals with Vitamix 7500. It is a good investment because it will last longer than any other blender.

Is Costco Vitamix different?

Vitamix is a household name among people who love to blend their own smoothies. This blender is known for its durability and versatility. It is designed to provide maximum blending power for making smoothies and other blended drinks. It is available in two sizes – 5.5 L and 6.5 L. The smaller version is ideal for families and individuals who prefer to make smaller batches of smoothies. The larger version is perfect for households who enjoy making bigger batches of smoothies. The machine has five speeds – low, medium, high, pulse and turbo. The blender is equipped with a variable speed dial knob. The container is detachable and washable.

Is Costco Vitamix good?

Costco is a warehouse club store located in the United States. It sells a wide range of items ranging from groceries to electronics. It is owned by Albertsons LLC, a subsidiary of Kroger Company. Costco is famous for its membership program where members pay a monthly fee to shop at the store. Members get discounts on products and services. Vitamax 7500 Blender This model comes with three speeds – low, medium and high. The motor is powerful enough to handle heavier loads. The capacity of the blender is 2 liters. The container is not detachable and cannot be washed.

Which version of Vitamix is the best?

Vitamix is a well known brand name of blenders. It was founded in California in 1978. The company manufactures blenders, juicers, dehydrators, coffee makers, grinders, ice crushers, and other household appliances. In addition to these products, Vitamix offers a wide range of accessories such as blades, jars, containers, and filters. Vitamix machines are designed to blend, crush, chop, and extract juice from fruits and vegetables. They are used for making smoothies, soups, sauces, juices, milkshakes, nut butters, and many other types of beverages. Vitamix 750 Blender This model is ideal for people who want to make smoothies, soups and sauces. This blender comes with two speeds – low and high. The motor of this machine is powerful enough to handle heavy loads. The capacity of this blender is 1 liter. The container is detachable and dishwasher safe.

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