Samsung Refrigerator Not Dumping Ice

As a frequent user of Refrigerator it is really difficult to handle when your freezer does not work properly. If you are finding a solution for your Samsung refrigerator that is malfunctioning while dumping the ice then you need to check a few things that you should go through first before taking the expensive help of servicing.

Samsung Refrigerator ice maker.

If your Samsung refrigerator is not dumping ice then first of all you need to check whether your freezer is producing the ice or not. For that you should go through a few steps.

Check Icemaker Switch

If your freezer’s ice maker button has turned off for any reason then the icemaker may not be able to produce the ice. If the icemaker does not produce ice despite being turned on then you may need a replacement of your icemaker switch.

Clumping of the Ice

Clumping of the ice may be another reason that can stop the ice dumping process. Take a look at your ice bucket by pulling it off from the freezer. If there is ice but in a clustered form then it is obvious that there would be difficulty in dumping. To shoot this problem you need to make the ice box empty and let it make new ice. If it clumps again then an inspection should be made upon the temperature. This problem may arrive from the low temperature of your ice maker. So fix it accordingly and hope for a solution.

Check the Freezer Door Switch

The freezer door switch has a duty of turning on the light and turning off the ice maker and dispenser while it is being opened. The ice maker and dispenser are turned on immediately after turning the freezer door off. If the freezer door fails to turn on the dispenser and icemaker after being closed then the fix may be needed at the freezer door.

Check the Water Pressure

If the water pressure is not correct then the water may not be able to reach properly to the icemaker and the ice would not form completely. So, the water pressure level is an important thing to be checked when the icemaker is not dumping ice. If all the reasons mentioned above are none of the problems that your refrigerator is having then you should focus upon the other vital things that may cause the issue in dumping the ice out of the ice-maker.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is inserted in an icemaker to detect the temperature of the ice-mold. When the ice-mold reaches a certain temperature of complete freezing the thermostat gets turned off and the ice cubes are emitted from the mold. If the thermostat stops working properly then it would stop detecting the temperature of the ice-mold as well and would no longer help in dumping the ice. You can check the condition of the thermostat. If the thermostat is no longer in a good condition then you may need a replacement.

Check the Icemaker Module

Another reason behind the malfunction of dumping the ice may be the icemaker module. The icemaker module is designed for pushing the ice cubes out of the ice-mold so that they can get ejected properly. It also heats up the mold and helps in easy removal of the ices. If the icemaker module is not in a good condition then it would not help in dumping the ice. So if there is no other reason behind the icemaker’s irregularity in dumping the ice then the icemaker module may need a correction.   If the problem is unfixable at home then you must consult for the service providers for a fixation.

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