Samsung Dryer Not Heating 2020 Troubleshooting

If your laundry is in routine your day is in routine. Don’t you agree? Getting things done in time not only relieves burden but also gives immense satisfaction and you can peacefully move on to your next task. But in the middle of your busy routines when you get to know that your dryer is working, every plan gets ruined as nothing can be done in time. Have you ever faced any such situation? Though Samsung dryers are one of the most popular and reliable dryer but they too can ditch you, so here you will get to know how to deal with this situation and quickly rectify the problem.

Problems associated with dryers

There could be different types of issues with your dryer, or there could be two-three problems altogether. Read the details given and try to identify the problem of your dryer.

  • Dryer won’t start.
  • Dryer stopped spinning’
  • Dryer drum not turning.
  • Dryer takes too long.
  • Dryer is overheating.
  • Dryer won’t stop.

Any such problem can occur and can leave your clothes in a miserable situation. Before you start experimenting with your dryer you must get to know about the possible reasons behind this sudden breakdown. Without proper research and knowledge don’t touch any part of the dryer.

Possible reasons of the problem

  • Internal wiring issue.
  • Bad thermostat.
  • Faulty thermal cut off fuse.
  • Air vent line clogged,
  • Heating element burnt.

Over Heating could lead to bad functioning of your dryer. Your dryer can bear heat upto a limit as it blows hot air to dry the wet clothes. However in case of over heating there must be some faulty part on your appliance which results in giving off cold air.

  • Do check the following things first when your dryer breaks down .
  • Vent lines and lint filters are cleaned properly and there is no clogging .
  • The heating element is not damaged, if it is damaged , you have to get it replaced . you can get a new heating element from any local appliance parts store or get it online.

If you check all these things then move to the back panel, if the back panel is not working replace it, connect a working back panel and run a test, if your dryer works well with another back panel then switch to the new one.

Problems and their quick fix


Air flow can be altered due to blockage in the internal duct, this will lead to overheating and eventually there will be a complete or partial blockage in the air flow. If this seems the real problem then you must get some technical support and clean your lint filter and vent lines. And check the free flow of air from the exhaust vents.

Problem in heating element

Heating element is the one which keeps the dryer hot enough to blow hot air but if this heating element burns out the dryer will stop spinning and won’t work. Usually overloading , lack of proper cleaning of vent lines, and poor ventilation can invite these problems. You can test your heating element with an Ohm meter, place the ohm meter on two leads to check if the element is good or bad. To replace the faulty heating element, you can either take some technical help or can do it on your own.

Thermostat not working

Check if your thermostat with a multimeter. In improper functioning of the thermostat the dryer fails to get enough heat to dry your clothes. A faulty thermostat must be replaced.

Faulty thermal fuse.

It is located on the heating element compartment. Thermal fuse works as a power cut out. It cuts the power to the heating element when it heats too much. [temperature more than 185 F]. If this fuse burns out, your dryer won’t work so you have to replace it immediately. You can test the fuse with the help of a multimeter. Turn the dryer off, detach the fuse from it. Test the fuse by touching its probes on each terminal of the fuse it reads zero at temperature, then your fuse is fine. So next time when your Samsung dryer breaks down do remember our tips and tricks and make a smart move. Do take all the necessary precautions and save yourself from any accident. If you find the situation complicated then don’t hesitate in calling for technical help. If dryers are maintained and used properly with regular cleaning and no overloading they will serve you for a longer time so you should also take care of your Samsung dryer even when it’s functioning is absolutely normal.

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