How To Turn Off Flashing Clean Light On Mr Coffee ?

Technology has enlarged so quickly till this point of time that one doesn’t need to put extra labor in anything. Due to the rich growth of automation people have been able to utilize most of their time productively and effortlessly. Technology has its own various fine examples such as Cell phones, Television, Fridge, Laptop, Induction, Air Conditioner, Toaster and so on but the thing I am going to talk about is the Coffee Maker, that has made it very easy for every coffee drinker to make it in almost no time. Every other day, the first thing every coffeeholic needs is the morning coffee. Personally, coffee is the first beverage in the morning for me. I mean who doesn’t like coffee? And through this easy method of preparation, it made it serene for us to prepare. Before the discovery of these automatic coffee makers, it took quite more time to make a coffee but now after the discovery of electronic coffee makers things have become slightly easier. The first automatic-drip coffee maker I am going to talk about is "Mr Coffee" . Mr Coffee is the first ever electric-drip coffee machine for the household use. It was set up around half a century ago in 1970 and the initiator is Samuel Glazer and Vincent Marotta. The headquarters of it is present in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The parent companies of Mr Coffee are Newell Brands. Mr Coffee machine produces a much more uniform brewing temperature which results in a much better flavor. It reliably brews strong-enough coffee and is simple to use and program. It takes up minimal counter space. This company has been coming up with excellent, innovative, different and highly efficient coffee makers quite frequently. This machine includes a base plate, warmer plate, and heating unit that is made out of various metals, usually steel or anodized aluminum. The carafe is made out of heat-proof glass. The quality of the coffee produced by Mr Coffee is appetizing and divine. We all know the fact that a good coffee has its various benefits. It can change your mood just in seconds. It helps you to relax your mind and makes you stress-free. A good quality coffee lowers the risk of several serious diseases. It is better to prepare your hygienic coffee at home. I like to make my coffee on my own, with my best Mr Coffee. What do you prefer? We know that every appliance requires maintenance, and thus our Mr coffee requires it too. Mr Coffee flashing clean light comes up as a reminder to clean your coffee maker. Coffee machine requires a proper and regular cleaning, without that it will constantly illuminate the red light to remind you every time for its cleanliness and maintenance. A build up of lime and mineral deposits from your water can impact your coffee makers performance and the coffee taste. So your coffee maker must be cleaned on a regular schedule to keep it operating at maximum efficiency.

Here Are the Quick and Easy Steps to Turn off Flashing Clean Light on Mr Coffee

  1. Before you get started cleaning your carafe, filter basket and permanent filter, be sure that the coffee maker is turned off, unplugged and cool.
  2. Remove the filter basket, carafe and wash them in a solution of hot water and mild liquid soap. Alternately you can place your carafes, filter baskets, permanent filters and lids in the top rack of your dishwasher.


  • Never use abrasive cleaner or steel wool pads.
  • Before cleaning in the dishwasher, make sure that the water filtration disk is removed from the machine.
  • Never immerse the coffee maker itself in water or any other liquid, or place in the dishwasher.

Always consult the instruction manual for specific details.

  1. Pour down 4 cups of undiluted white household vinegar into the water reservoir.
  2. Place the basket style paper filter into the filter basket and close the brew basket lid.
  3. Place the empty Carafe back into the unit centered on the warmer blade.
  4. Press the select/off button until the clean indicator light turns on.
  5. For your convenience, the cleaning cycle is automatic and the entire cycle will take 45-60 minutes to complete.
  6. During the cleaning process, your coffee maker will slowly brew 3 cups of vinegar, it will then pause for 30 minutes to break down the deposits but the clean light will remain on to alert you that the process is still active.
  7. After the 30 minutes have passed, your coffee maker will brew the remainder of the vinegar through the unit. When complete, the clean light will turn off, and your coffee maker will turn off as well.
  8. Discard the Vinegar and rinse the carafe thoroughly with clean water.
  9. To remove traces of vinegar, fill the water reservoir with clean fresh water and place the empty carafe back on the coffee maker, centered on the warming plate.
  10. Remove and discard the paper filter used during the cleaning cycle. If a permanent filter was used during cleaning, remove and rinse it thoroughly before placing it in the filter basket.
  11. Begin brewing and allow the full brew cycle to complete. Repeat this freshwater step one more time.

Hurray! Now your cleaning process is complete. Once the cleaning process is done, the red light will turn off. Make sure you clean your coffee maker constantly. Keeping the regular cleaning habit of the machine will make your machine ready to brew the hot and delicious coffee. For a longer life span and problem free experience, every appliance requires great care and tidiness. Clean your coffee maker after every use and deep clean it every month. Replace the water filtration disk every next month. Clean the filter basket, carafe and lid daily. Coffee makers can be easily cleaned by vinegar but instead of that you can use baking soda as well. Baking soda is an affordable, non-toxic cleaning product and due to its alkaline properties, it is termed as an effective cleaning product. Mix a cup of warm water with a quarter cup of baking soda and use it for your cleaning process. I hope this guide has helped you to turn off your flashing clean light. Now it’s time to enjoy your tasty and clean brewed coffee from Mr Coffee!.

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