How To Clean Fiberglass Tub With Oven Cleaner ?

Are you worried about how to clean your fibreglass tub without spending a lot of dollars? If so, I have the perfect rescuing product and method to save you from spending money on this headache. There are various inexpensive home ingredients and products to get your bathtub clean and shining. Fibreglass tub’s affordability is the main reason for a lot of households to invest in it. These fibreglass tubs are protected with a layer of smooth, glossy material called, “gel coat”. Over a period of time, the regular usage of the tubs tend to wear down the gel coat and leave a residue of rough layer of dirt, soap scum, hard water scale, and mildew in and around the tub if you don’t clean your bathtub every once in a while. This is very unpleasant to you and your guests. However, with a safe and affordable product from your kitchen, you can wipe off all your bathtub embarrassments . Keep reading to find out the magical product. For a long time, I had been depending on baking soda to get rid of all the visible scratches and rashes inside my bathtub. The stains were very tough in nature which gave me a hard time to scrub them off. This method and ingredient never satisfied my needs. Recently, I came across a remedy for my long time headache. Did you know that a fume-free oven spray can do the job for you? Yes, you read it right. An oven spray will remove unseen dirt and the toughest build-up in your fibreglass tub with just a couple of sprays, your patience, and a few wipes. No more scrubbing the tub till your arm falls off! Here are the steps involved to achieve your own sparkling clean fibreglass tub

Step 1.

Since you may suffocate in humid weather, open your bathroom door and windows for ventilations. (Be careful if the bathroom floor is wet, you might risk an injury in case of tripping or slipping)

Step 2.

Spray an even layer of fume free oven cleaner inside your fibreglass tub, or any area you are specifically targeting. If you are planning to clean the entire tub, begin from the bottom and all the way up to the sides. (Make sure to avoid any metal trims or metal ware as it could damage the finish)

Step 3.

Leave the oven cleaner for around an hour on your fibreglass tub. Patience is the key, if you leave the oven cleaner on your tub for less than an hour, you may not get the desired result since the oven cleaner will not be able to melt down the dirt and build-up.

Step 4.

Wipe off the oven cleaner residue with a damp cloth, sponge or a scrub from your tub.

Step 5.

Rinse your tub with clean water and dry it well. Remember, not all oven cleaners give a desirable result. The best one in the market with unbelievable results is the Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner in blue can. It is a safe option to clean your bathtub by yourself with lemon scent. In my previous experiences with cleaning bathtubs, I have tried out various remedies but never got a good result, instead I found an easy way out from the internet, the fume free oven spray. For those of you who do not own an Easy-Off or have run out of it, this link below will take you to it’s amazon page. You can go through the reviews to assure yourself before you make a purchase.

Link to Purchase

Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner, Lemon 24 Ounce (Pack of 1) In case of scrubbers, the market has a miraculous tool, the Magic Eraser which wipes off and is dirty and scum.

Major point to remember while you clean your fibreglass tub

I recommend the Fume Free Oven Cleaner because of the minimum chemicals present in an oven cleaner when compared with Oven Cleaner with fumes. They may affect you if necessary precautions are not taken before utilising an oven cleaner for your bathtub. When it comes to removing dirty stains and limescale from your fibreglass tub, there are other alternatives to. Undiluted white vinegar is one of the agents that have been known to wipe out all the dirt from your sink and bathtub. Since vinegar helps disinfect, deodorize, and remove mold, it is also known to dissolve hard water scales. Another basic kitchen ingredient is baking soda. However, you will have to spray the vinegar and sprinkle baking soda several times a week just to have a consistent clean and stain-free tub. A consistent use of oven cleaner in your bathtub is hazardous to you, children, and pets. Stick to natural remedies for most of the occasions.

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