How long do hard boiled eggs last unrefrigerated?

If you wish to have a wholesome diet on your table you must incorporate eggs in your diet plan. For fitness enthusiasts humble eggs have always been a super food as they can be cooked in countless ways, take less effort, give amazingly satisfying taste and on top of that have excellent nutritional qualities.

Health benefits and nutritional qualities of eggs.

There are a number of perks of having egg on your plate.

  • Eggs are rich in protein which plays a vital role in body building and maintenance.
  • Egg yolk contains choline which is a crucial nutrient for our body and is hardly found in other food items. A single big egg can provide 145 milligrammes of choline which contributes to about one fourth of the total daily requirement which is 550 milligrammes.
  • Egg yolk boosts body metabolism, it lowers the body mass in females and thus found effective to improve athletic performance in female athletes.
  • Vitamin D is not naturally found in food items but egg yolk is an exception. A single boiled egg can fulfill 40% of daily vitamin D requirements. Vitamin D is necessary for bone health, immunity, helpful in reducing weight, prevents anxiety and depression.
  • Fats and cholesterol: Fat and cholesterol are mostly avoided by people. Here it’s important to know that they both have their roles in the body however one must know to differentiate between good and bad ones, and their food sources. Eggs have unsaturated fat and have HDL(good cholesterol), which lowers the risk of heart disease.

Hence eggs are proved to be a power packed food.

Eggs and their versatility

Other than being delicious and nutritious eggs are also high in preferences because of their versatility there are numerous ways of having an egg on your plate.They can be hard boiled, soft boiled, hard scrambled, soft scrambled, poached, baked, omelettes and many others.

Hard boiled eggs.

Hard boiled eggs are one of the easiest and healthiest ways of having eggs. They are prepared by placing unshelled egg in cold water and then boiling it until the yolk solidifies. No added ingredient as butter or oil is required, therefore they have less calories and are rich in nutrients. They can be eaten as such, in a sandwich or as salad toppings.

Storing hard boiled eggs at room temperature.

Certainly, hard boiled eggs are our go to snack. But do you know what is the proper way of storing hard boiled eggs? How adversely they can affect our health if gone bad? and how long do hard boiled eggs last unrefrigerated? Hard boiled eggs can sit out at room temperature for about two hours. The super food can turn to a serious health issue causing agents if left at room temperature for a longer period of time. The most common risk associated with rotten eggs is growth of a bacteria called SALMONELLA. Rotten eggs if consumed can cause food poisoning, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhoea, and dehydration the symptoms may last for four to seven days and make you seek a doctor. As per the report of FDA hard boiled eggs will last for two hours if left at room temperature, in a warm climate area they can expire in a time duration of 1 hour only when left outside. Soyou must not leave hard boiled eggs unrefrigerated unless you are not ready to serve them or eat them instantly.

Proper ways of refrigerating hard boiled eggs.

Hard boiled eggs must be refrigerated if you’re saving them for days. Hard boiled eggs with shell can last for one week in the refrigerator, however shelling them shortens their shelf life to four to five days. Peeled hard boiled eggs must be placed in a bowl of cold water and water must be changed every day. You can also use an airtight container or cover them with a damp paper towel.

How would you know if your stored hard boiled eggs are still safe to eat?

Eating rotten eggs can have severe effects so you must be absolutely sure before having them. Always keep a track of the date you refrigerate them. Green, black spots and unpleasant smells signifies contamination by fungi and bacteria so if you are suspicious about their expiry, play safe and throw them off.  

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