How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Compressor Is Bad

A Refrigerator is really an important component that makes our life easier with its services. Your daily life will actually get a pause if your refrigerator stops working because our mornings are not leisurely enough that it would allow us to produce fresh food every day. But our refrigerator helps us in this matter and keeps our foods preserved to deal with the morning rush. Picture credit: Google. It will hardly be a good morning if you see your freezer malfunction and there is nothing to be surprised if it happens. You may face a variety of problems if you are an owner of a refrigerator. Your refrigerator may get too cool or build frost or give your food freezer burns. It may stop cooling, stop making ice and even can make noises too. All these are very common problems that you may face. Few are fixable at home few are not but the important thing is that you should know which problems are solvable and which are not your cup of tea. If your refrigerator is no longer working as it used to do then there must be some issues that you may need to identify. There are several reasons that can cause your freezer to malfunction but the matter of fear is in the case of the compressor. Among the three major components of a freezer such as the compressor, the condenser coils and the evaporator coils, the compressor is the most important one that does the major task. It works like a pump that accelerates the pressure of the liquid refrigerant and pulls out the heat to make the inside environment cool. So if the compressor stops working then the freezer would no longer be capable of doing its job. Refrigerator compressor. Picture Credit: Google. If your freezer is throwing tantrums then you must search for the reasons. If the problem is with the compressor then you should see certain issues in it. The following are some of them.

Compressor Fan’s Unworkability

Each and every part related to a compressor has, important role in the cooling process and the compressor fan is among one of them. A compressor fan keeps the compressor cool. It also keeps the refrigerant cool while passing through the condenser coils. Along with these the compressor fan helps in preventing your freezer from overheating too. So, if the compressor fan stops working you should know that the problem is with the compressor. If the compressor fan is malfunctioning then you will get to identify it by the unconventional noises that it would produce. If you see any such symptoms then you must take the help of servicing because this problem is not fixable at home.

Decay in the Cooling Capacity

Though it is not always that the freezer would not get cold because of the compressor’s failure, still there are high chances that the reason behind this problem is a bad compressor. A compressor is the main component that helps the freezer to get cold. The compressor’s ability to create pressure is the major thing that helps in pulling out hot airs out of your freezer. So, if your freezer is not cooling properly or not performing its duty in certain sections of your refrigerator then take the help of servicing.

Fluctuation in Compressor

Start relay. If the compressor of your refrigerator fluctuates frequently there may be a problem regarding a dirty start relay. The start relay is a component that is situated at the same chamber that of the compressor and helps the compressor to boast it up. If your freezer does not get a cleaning very often then a dirty relay may cause this problem. If your compressor is turning on and off repeatedly then this may lead to bigger problems so without any delay you should take help of an expert.

Noise Production

If your refrigerator is creating noise and if the noise is coming exactly from the compressor itself then it is too late for a fixation and you need a replacement of your compressor. As the compressor is the main element of a freezer that creates pressure, it is obvious that a noisy compressor would cause disturbance in the way of creating pumps. And it may cause severe difficulty. In this case your compressor may burst and cause an accident. So, before encountering any such problem, get a replacement as fast as you can. The major two problems that may get costly for you are the noisy compressor and the uncooling compressor. In both of the cases you may need a replacement of your refrigerator compressor. There is a minor attempt that can fix a noisy refrigerator is that you can take out the refrigerator plug and check whether the compressor is hot or not. If it is not then there must be some other problem that the noise is getting produced from. In this case probably an expert help can solve the problem. A compressor is really an expensive element of your refrigerator. Always try to get a freezer from a brand that offers you a separate warranty of the compressor otherwise a bad compressor can cost you a lot. Often a compressor costs similar to that of a new refrigerator. So, the choice is yours.

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