Hawaiian Fruit Salad

What’s Hawaiian fruit salad?
Hawaiian fruit salad is a delicious dessert that consists of pineapple chunks, papaya cubes, banana slices, kiwi pieces, strawberries, and other fruits.
1 This recipe is inspired by my trip to Hawaii last year.
I was amazed at how delicious and healthy this dish is.
In this blog post, I’m sharing my favorite recipes and tips for making this dish.

Hawaiian Fruit Salad

This recipe comes from my mother who used to make this salad every year during Christmas season. It was always a favorite among our family members. I hope you enjoy making this delicious fruit salad! Ingredients: 1 cup pineapple chunks 2 cups strawberries 1/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice Directions: Mix together all ingredients in a bowl. Serve immediately.

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