Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Dranining Solved Common Issue And Fixing

Has your Frigidaire dishwasher been giving you troubles? As any normal human being, you may have eventually grown frustrated and annoyed following the several trials and errors trying to fix it. Like any other innovation, sometimes dishwashers can face some issues too. Before we jump into solving these issues, it is important to find the troublemaker in the first place. Let us look at the few reasons why your Frigidaire dishwasher is not draining.

Blocked Drainage Basket

Starting with the most familiar reason out there for the dishwasher not draining headache. The drainage basket’s function is to prevent food residue from passing through. It is essential to clean this debris whenever possible so that the drainage basket remains unclogged.

Defective Drain Pump

Sometimes, you may have standing water remaining in the dishwasher if the motor of the drain pump is not working. This may prevent the drain pump from draining out residual water.

Defective Pump and Motor Functioning

The motor is responsible for forcing the impeller to drain out water. If there is any blockage in the pump and motor, the dishwasher will stop running.

Defective Drain Impeller

The impeller is used to force residual water out of the drain hose. If this is damaged or broken, the dishwasher may not be able to drain out the water.

Clogged Drain Hose

If you forget to clean the drain hose at intervals, it may result in the collection of debris. This will result in clogging of the drain hose and will leave standing residual water.

Clogged Drain Valve

If uncleared, the drain valve may collect debris thereby blocking the water from draining.

Garbage Disposer Clogged or Not Installed Well

If the garbage disposer is not installed properly, it is time to check its installation and ensure it has been done correctly. Sometimes, the garbage disposer is likely to be clogged as well. Keep it clean at all times. You may have planned to call the technician to fix the issue. However, given the fact that you are reading this, I am sure you want to be the technician yourself. Now that you are aware of the reasons as to why your dishwasher may be causing you issues, it is safe to assume we can proceed with the solutions. Set your mind at rest! Here are some simple suggestions and solutions to drain out your dishwasher bothers.

  • Clean the drainage basket at regular intervals to prevent the food debris from collecting. If the food debris accumulates, it would clog the drainage basket and prevent water from draining out. Locate the drainage basket in your dishwasher and remove all the food debris in it. This will allow the dishwasher to drain out water again. Hence, it is important to

ensure regular removal of debris from the drainage basket.

  • Consider replacing your drain pump. The drain pump forces water to drain through the drain hose with the help of an impeller. Use a multimeter to check if the drain pump is damaged. If it is damaged,

it will block the water from draining and hence, you will need to replace the drain pump as it cannot be repaired.

  • Clean out the drain valve regularly as in time it will get clogged due to the accumulation of debris. However, even after cleaning it, if the problem persists then the drain valve might be broken or damaged. Here again, the drain valve cannot be repaired so it must be replaced.
  • If the motor is making a humming noise while running or it is not running properly during the drain cycle, unscrew the pump and check if there is any debris in the impeller. If yes, then remove the obstruction. If not then you may want to consider replacing your drain pump and motor. There is no use trying to fix something that cannot be fixed. Instead, opt to replace it.
  • Every garbage disposer comes with a solid plug that is attached to the drain tube. There is a solid plug in the garbage disposer’s drain tube which can prevent the dishwasher from draining. Sometimes the garbage disposer may not be installed as it should. The plug may have not been removed from the drain tube and you may be unaware of it. If the plug is already removed, the garbage disposer may be clogged. Therefore, unclog it. Ergo, your problem should be sorted.

These parts of the dishwasher are notorious for causing draining problems. Accordingly, the above mentioned points are the easiest and most common do it yourself solutions to make your Frigidaire dishwasher switch on it’s draining mode back again. In addition to the above tips, you have to clean parts of your dishwasher such as the impeller, drain valve, and drain hose at regular intervals to ensure proper functioning of these parts.

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