Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils With Vinegar Evaporator Coil

Who doesn’t want to have a cool, comfortable stay at home. Everybody wants to walk into a room with perfect soothing temperature irrespective of the weather outside. Well this wish was perfectly accomplished when Air conditioners came into existence. Air conditioners are the perfect solution to have a comfortable stay at your place. Hot or cold air conditioners will save you from all. But along with being so comforting ACs demand high maintenance. You always have to be very particular about cleaning your air conditioner, by doing so you not only have more fresh and clean air but you also increase your air conditioners’s functioning life. All the parts of the air conditioner as filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for its smooth working. This will prevent your Air conditioner from breaking down early and will save you from a heavy expenditure.

Drain line.

Drain line is a PVC pipe .During the working cycle of an air conditioner the water evaporates and the coils produce condensation. The condensed water is filtered and collected through this PVC pipe[drain line.

Evaporator coils.

Evaporator coils are made up of copper and their surrounding is made with aluminium. Thes coils absorb the heat of the room and capture the fresh air of the surroundings. These coils manage the inside air of the unit while the condenser coils are used to manage the outdoor cabinet air. The evaporator coils play a vital role in cooling the room.

Why is it important to clean the air conditioner coil?

Talking about air conditioner coils particularly , cleaning them is important for the long lasting health of the system. Air conditioner coil cleaning can help you save money and maintain efficiency. Dirt, dust, and debris that sticks to the coils interrupt with their functioning due to which the refrigerant fails to cool off enough. This causes the system to slow down and makes it inefficient to set the temperature of the room, also the long term deposits can cause bacterial growth which eventually will be inhaled by you and your family members. Which cans cause several health issues.

Cleaning air conditioner coils.

While cleaning air conditioner coils serves so many great purposes, the best part is that you don’t need any expensive or fancy cleaners specifically to keep your air conditioner coils clean. All you need to invest is your precious time, efforts and something that most of us usually have in our kitchens that is vinegar. Yes you read it right just a bottle of vinegar in hand and you are all ready to get your air conditioner coils cleaned.

Vinegar to clean Air conditioners coils.

Vinegar is a mild acid, which makes it a great multi-purpose cleaner for your house. Vinegar can be used to do anything from removing stains, to unclogging drains, to disinfecting, to deodorizing, and today you will get to know how you can use it to clean your air conditioner.

  • To clean your AC coils with vinegar take a bottle spray filled with water and vinegar in equal proportion. Use the mixture to clean the AC coils , you can repeat the practice within months and you will see the amazing result.
  • Another mixture that you can make is , take vinegar, water and add one tablespoon of baking soda solution you can also add dishwashing detergent for more effective application. This mixture has grease fighting ability and will effortlessly clean your year old dirt deposited on the coils.

Method of cleaning air conditioner coil with vinegar.

To clean your coils you first need to find out your grain line, which is located near the air handler. The drain lines have aPVC pipes which have a small cap on the top. First of all remove the cap, pour one fourth cup of vinegar, which flows down through the drain line. The drain line could be clogged, if it is so you need to take professional help. If it’s open then clean it with vinegar and put the cap back in place. It is recommended to clean your air conditioner coils within one month. Using vinegar is one of the easiest and accessible ways to do so. Of Course you will have to invest some of your time and efforts in cleaning but it will surely pay you back. So next time don’t sit back feeding your laziness, just clean your air conditioner and then have fresh , clean and healthy air.  

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