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Looking to light up your home without consuming much electricity and live the minimal way? Well, you have come to the right place at the right time and for all the right purposes. Solar lights are not only the most energy efficient lights for outdoors but also actually lights up your world. With the new decade, switch on to a new lifestyle as well by investing in more energy efficient lights and live the minimal way.

How does it work?

Solar lights have solar panels which have Photovoltaic cells which convert the light energy it gains from the sun to electricity and therefore, is born solar light. This conversion hence, can be used for many purposes such as street lights or lights to add brightness to your patio, all this while using electricity efficiently. Just think about it, you can add a beautiful decoration, have bright lights, and even sustain the environment with just one thing.

Uses And Benefits Of Solar Lights

Are you worried that you may be in darkness when the current goes out? Not with solar lights. They illuminate the world even without electricity and are also very helpful for sustaining our natural environment. If you think this is it, then it is not. They have so many more benefits and uses and some of which are as follows.

  • They are very economic. With its cost-effective nature, its installation costs very low and can be installed anywhere and wherever you need it to be.
  • It is a fantastic free alternative to any other source of light because it is powered by a nútralo force which is the sunlight. It is a renewable energy and therefore, they need to be charged in the ya might under the sun and the batteries are recyclable as well.
  • The charged battery is enough to light up the area and has a long lasting tenure.
  • They require minimal to low maintenance and have a very long lifespan. If the solar light is installed perfectly well then the maintenance required is very easy and low.
  • There is also no need to pay energy bills as everything is taken care of through a natural process. Hence, this just happens to be one of the best advantages of using an environmentally efficient light.

Hence, if you are looking to light up your outdoor area or any other place that requires light and also want to add a hint of classic decor with it, solar LED lights are your best choice.

Things To Remember When Buying A Solar Light ?

  • The first thing you need to consider when buying a solar light is the brightness that the solar light emits. The brightness of the light is measured in the form of lumens. Therefore, before you invest in one, make sure that the light has the proper and sufficient brightness you require. There are various types of light available and all these lights also emit different levels of brightness. Hence, based on these factors, you have to determine the choice effectively.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is the batteries of the solar light. There are four different types of batteries in solar lights namely lithium ion, lead acid, NiCAD, and NiMH. Lithium ion is the one that has the highest capacity and a small size among these batteries.
  • There are three different types of solar panels available which are amorphous, monocrystalline, polycrystalline solar panels. The most effective among these panels is monocrystalline and it just so happens to be the most expensive as well. The other two are comparatively less efficient and less expensive as well.

Ergo, these are some important factors you need to consider when looking to invest in a good and effective solar light. Now, without any further delay, let us proceed to the best solar lights of 2020.

Best Solar Lights Of 2020

Aootek LED 182 Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

This solar light comes with a solar panel that is essentially upgraded and comes in 2 to 3 modes. It has an illumination of a wide angle. It also has a smart brightness control and also provides all night security with its illuminating brightness. It also comes with control mode that has smart brightness. It also has a security light mode that automatically turns on for fifteen seconds when it senses any sort of motion at night and also becomes brighter. Hence, you have your needs met with complete safety and outdoor security with this light. The light direction is completely adjustable and has a battery powered source. It has a design of reflective structures in order to reduce the loss of light and also add more brightness to the light. Moreover, it is waterproof and heatproof as well. Looking for a durable and decorative light? This light is your best bet! Here is the product link

EZBASICS Outdoor Solar Light

EZBASICS solar light is perfect for outdoor lighting solutions. It comes with three optional modes and a one twenty degree wide angle. It also includes a motion sensor light that is wireless and has an IP 65 powered wall light that is absolutely waterproof. It comes with awesome security lights for the garden and for front door purposes. It can also be used in your yard or front door or garage or your deck. It flaunts a modern style and has a shade material of polycarbonate. Here is the product link

Solpex Solar Pathway 8 Pack Outdoor Lights

This solar light powered with amazing waterproof LED is perfect for garden, lawn, yard, patio, pathway, or any other outdoor area. For proper functioning and maximum light retention, it needs to be installed in a place where it is able to receive sufficient sunlight to charge the batteries and function for a longer time. It is made of plastic and comes with a battery that is absolutely rechargeable. It lasts upto a maximum of eight hours when it is being used after charging fully. It does not need any electricity or any sort of wiring and turns on itself automatically at the arrival of darkness. It is resistant to water if it is perfect to use in any kind of weather whether it is raining or snowing. It is not only easy to install but also appears very beautiful therefore, enlivening your outdoor area like a piece of decor. If you are looking for something stylish and efficient then this is the light to meet your requirements. Here is the product link

LITOM Solar Landscape 12 LED Spotlights

This IP67 solar light is powered with wall lights that is exclusively waterproof and has a two in one wireless landscaping lights for outdoor landscapes such as gardens, porch, patio, yards, lawns, or any other area that is outdoor and needs extra light. It is not only water resistant but is also heat resistant and frost resistant thereby making it an effective light in any and all kinds of weather. It comes with a brightness lighting mode that has two adjustments namely the low brightness mode and high bright mode. It also holds a global patent certification and has an R and D design which is independent. It has a very big solar panel and is made with mono-crystalline silicon that offers high performance. Therefore, it can last longer and has a longer durability as well. Here is the product link

SEZAC Outdoor Solar Lights

This six pack amazing solar light by SEZAC comes in three modes and 50 LED. The security lights that have motion sensors are perfect for your safety and security as it lights up as soon as it senses any motion. It is wireless and also water resistant and if you are planning to install a light in your swimming pool, then this light can provide all the brightness and radiance you need to elevate your swimming experience. It is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and has three intelligent modes. It has a sensing distance of 16 ft and a fifteen degree angle wide lighting. The three modes present in the light are dim long light mode, strong light sensor mode, and motion sensor mode. Therefore, you get all the essential qualities required in a good and safe solar light in this brightness packed light. Here is the product link

InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights

This powerful solar light by InnoGear comes with a waterproof system that is upgraded and is absolutely powered by a solar panel therefore, it does not require any kind of electricity. It comes with a two in one purpose so it can be used as a light for decor or as a wall lighting as well. It all depends on how you want to make use of this efficient light. It has an automatic on and off function that is perfect to be installed in pathways, patio, gardens, or other outdoor spaces that you need light in. It comes with a high light mode that stays for up to 6 hours and also a low light mode that stays up to 12 hours which is easily adjustable. It comes with a monocrystalline silicon panel and two easy methods of installation. Here is the product link

Lesonano Upgraded Ground Solar Lights

Looking for a light to brighten up your garden or patio or simply your outdoors? The upgraded solar light by Lesonano comes with bright-in ground lights that are extremely waterproof and will not just instantly brighten up your pathway but will also make it appear beautiful and aesthetic. It comes with an automatic light sensor working that auto lights up at night and solar charges itself at daytime. For best use, make sure to install it in a place where it can provide sufficient sunlight to charge its batteries and work for a longer duration. It is wireless and exclusively solar powered and also has a long working capacity. The fact that it is waterproof makes it useful for any kind of harsh or light weather. Snowfall, hailstorm, heavy rainfall, or any sort of weather, this light will never leave you in darkness. Here is the product link

GIGALUMI Outdoor 16 Pack Solar Path Lights

This outdoor solar light by GIGALUMI is made of stainless steel and can be installed anywhere outside where it can receive a good amount of sunlight. It is designed elegantly and looks classic and stylish when in your outdoor area. Therefore, you get a light as well as a piece of decoration in just one product. It is weatherproof and can handle any type of weather so let the rain wash away your worries of any weather troubles. Since it is wireless and requires zero electricity, it is energy efficient and therefore, promotes minimal living which has become very essential in the current scenario with continuous advancements and developments in the technology front. It is very easy to install and the process of which is tagged along in the instruction manual. It can provide light up to 10-12 hours at night and 6-8 hours when sunlight. Here is the product link

ZOOKKI Outdoor Solar Lights

This solar light by ZOOKKI is wireless and powered with 28 LED that also has automatic motion sensor lights that light up immediately once it senses any motion. It is easy to install wall light and security light that can be installed anywhere outdoors where it can be under enough sunlight. It comes with a fence four pack and is made of ABS plastic that has high impact. It is equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and needs to be charged under sunlight. It is also heatproof, waterproof, and can handle and work well in any weather. It is easy to install, emits sufficient brightness, has the ability to detect motion automatically, is weatherproof, and durable. Here is the product link

Aityvert Outdoor Waterproof Solar Lights

Airyvert Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights come with a 43” flickering torch light flame so you can already imagine how beautiful your outdoor landscape will look once you install it. It is waterproof and perfect for outdoor use. It can not only be used as a brightness emitting source but also as a decoration light that livens up your pathway with its unique and firy design. It has an on and off security flame light and casts a very glowing and smooth flickering flame light marking you feel like you are surrounded by an atmosphere that will take you on a very cozy and warm vacation or like you are camping somewhere in the woods. Therefore, whether you are looking to light up your BBQ party or your patio or any other outdoor area, this light is the perfect one for you. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is built in and needs to be charged with sunlight. Therefore, no electricity and no electricity bills either. This means you get to add light and beauty to your outdoor environment by being energy efficient and without causing any pollution either. It comes with an easy installation method and is also weatherproof so it works well in any weather. It comes with a warranty of twelve months and if you are looking for a unique lighting experience, this solar light is it. Here is the product link

KBP LITWAY Outdoor Waterproof Solar Lights

Want to light up your outdoors from dusk to dawn? Fade away the darkness with this outdoor solar light by LITWAY that is waterproof and is peores with fence post lights that can light up from morning to evening. It comes with a photocell sensor security lighting that can be installed anywhere in your outdoors where it can receive the required amount of sun to recharge itself. It is a modern solar light made of ABS plastic and weighs 0.18 pounds. It has an exquisite and elegant design patterned with droplets of water and also comes with an automatic switch that turns on automatically during or night or whenever it senses darkness. It also turns off automatically during daylight. It is a safe and eco friendly lighting equipment that does not retrieve any electricity to function as it is wireless and only needs the sun to function properly. It takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge and then can last up to eight hours and emit brightness to your outdoors. If you are looking for a fancy way to add brightness to your patio or your garden or your garage, yard, pathway, and any other outdoor area, this light can work wonders for you. Here is the product link

SUNNEST Stainless Steel Outdoor Solar Light

This twelve pack stainless steel outdoor solar light by SUNNEST is fully waterproof and is equipped with LED that provides a good amount of brightness for your outdoors. It is made of stainless steel and has a voltage of 2 Volts. It has a very economic and energy efficient design and needs to be installed under the sun so that it can absorb the daylight solar energy it needs to function and operate properly. It only needs a few minutes to be installed and the instructions of which are available in the user manual. It is also weatherproof and perfect for use in any weather and perfect for use in any outdoor area as well. Here is the product link If you are someone who loves nature and looks forward to taking measures in sustaining the natural environment, you probably are always on the look for ways to save energy. What can be a better way to promote this cause by acting upon it yourself and using solar energy to become energy efficient! Lean on to a more minimal lifestyle and choose to invest in energy efficient products rather than ones who consume a lot of electricity and also hand you large electricity bills. Save your money and save energy as well by switching to using solar lights that emit sufficient amounts of light needed without you having to worry about the next month’s electricity bill that may or may not leave a huge hole in your wallet or pocket. The above listed solar lights are some of the most brightness emitting and useful solar lights that are easy to install and instantly light up your outdoors whenever and wherever you need it. No more living in darkness or dim light. Add light to your life and brighten it up with any of these solar lights. Hence, this article has rounded up the most efficient and best solar light easily available in the market and can be delivered right at your doorstep. Now, it is your responsibility to make the best choice. One that is efficient, durable, long lasting, and meets all the other requirements in your list. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and light up your outdoors!

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