6 Best Food Dehydrators Consumer Report Review

  Do you love dehydrating food for a healthy diet and snacking? To save your money, all you need is a food dehydrator that makes the whole process easier, quickers, and convenient for you. Food Dehydration consists of eliminating moisture from the food items such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, creating naturally concentrated, rich and delicious eatables. Freezing and canning your food is a good option but has poor results. Since you may purchase a lot of fresh produce. With a food dehydrator, you will not have to worry about your fresh produce spoiling. Trust me, how great is it to be able to make your own trail mix with berries topped with dried cranberries. When you consider investmenting in a good food dehydrator, you must be conscious about features to ponder over before investing in one. Some of the key features to look for in a food dehydrator is size, accessories, clean-up, heating power, adjustable thermostat, timer, automatic shut-off, and noise. After a detailed research, I have listed out 6 best Food Dehydrators ranging from affordable to mid-priced to a high-end price to ease your work.

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1. Nesco FD 75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator.

This food dehydrator is superior in its market due to its powerful motor. The device is a perfect match for your kitchen whether it is a small studio or a spacious family home, with the best affordable price.

Features of Nesco FD 75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator.

  • The best results are experienced when turkey, beef, or fish jerky is dehydrated.
  • The device comes with five trays utilised for dehydrating food.
  • The Nesco FD 75A makes use of the Coverage air flow system which allows air to move in and around through every single tray.
  • The adjustable thermostat allows you to dry different food at a suitable temperature. (95°-160°F)
  • Due to its 600 watts power capacity, the dehydrating strength is intense.

The Pros

  • Excellent dehydrating system– Th air flow system is powerful hence no need to rotate plates and flavours will not mix either.
  • Protective External Body– The protective vita-safe exterior blocks out any harmful light that could hamper the nutrition of the food.
  • Adjustable Thermostat– The thermostat ranges from 90° to 160° F for good flexibility.
  • Free Recipe Booklet– The product has a recipe book included to help along the activities for preparing delicious food at home.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance– When the setting of the dishwasher is set on air-dry, you are good to go. This appliance also does not leave any vertical residue.

The Cons

  • No Timer– This device does not have a timer and henceforth you will have to keep an eye on it for it to not overheat or else the food will lose its nutrition.
  • No Power Button– The device does not come with an ON or OFF switch which means that you’ll have to connect the plug to dehydrate food and then unplug it after you are done drying.
  • Not Effective with Low Power– If you plan to use the dehydrator for a lesser time, it’s less effective and more power consuming when you dehydrate produce like herbs.
  • Incompatible Round shaped Trays– Loading rectangular shaped trays are much easier and convenient when compared to round shaped trays.
  • Base Capacity is minimum– It is not suitable for drying large amounts of produce.

On amazon.com, Nesco FD-75A has around 8000 global ratings. Out of which, 76% have rated it 5 stars. You could read more reviews on this product on amazon right in the link below.

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2. Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator.

This is the most recommended and number one food dehydrator for a reason. Although it is small, it is very powerful. At a more economical price, Presto 06300 is a steal and I’ll tell you why.

Features of Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator.

  • This appliance weighs only 7.2 pounds which makes it portable. The trays can be nested to reduce the height and make it more convenient while travelling.
  • The cover is made up of transparent polycarbonate which lets you observe your food drying process and take immediate actions.
  • Presto 06300 uses a vertical airflow system for evenly distributed air.
  • This device uses a 600-watts power system. The food gets dried quickly with less usage of electricity.
  • The appliance comes with a four tray capacity but can be increased all the way up to eight trays.

The Pros

  • Compact Size– The appliance does not take up large space and is very kitchen friendly.
  • Easy To Use– There is no complex procedure to make use of Presto 06300.
  • Cord Storing Space– Since this appliance is travel friendly, it has a special compartment underneath it to store the cord during a trip.
  • Expandable Capacity– As mentioned earlier, you can increase or decrease the amount of trays you decide to use.

The Cons

  • Temperature settings– The thermostat is fixed to 165°F so you’ll have to keep a close eye on your food so that it does not over dehydrate.
  • No Timer– This appliance doesn’t offer you a timer, hence you cannot be absent while your food is dehydrating in your appliance.
  • Risk of Overheating– This appliance is not safe around children and pets, since it is capable of overheating. An adult has to professionally look after this dehydrator while in use.
  • Irritating Noise– Presto 06300 makes noise when in use. So you may not be able to use it since it may lead to disturb sleep or concentration.

Presto 06300 has over 5,500 global ratings in which, around 74% have rated it a 5 star product. You can check it yourself in the link below.

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3. Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator for Mushrooms, Herbs, and Jerky.

This device uses natural ways for dehydrating your produce like meat, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Features Of Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator.

  • A 620-watt motorized fan allows an even heating process.
  • Adjustable thermostat makes it convenient to set the heat as per your will.
  • This device includes a drip tray which will help you save your time in cleaning up.
  • Cuisinart DHR-20 is a compact device which will save up space in your kitchen.
  • BPA free trays which will ensure no risks at the cost of your health.

The Pros

  • Faster Drying– The powerful motor evenly distributes air and makes it quicker to dry the food.
  • Food Quantity– You can place large quantities of food in the device which provide ample space for bulky food.
  • Transparent Trays– This feature enables you to observe and monitor your food throughout the process.
  • Dishwasher safe– If you do not prefer washing the trays manually, you can save yourself a headache by placing them in the dishwasher.

The Cons

  • No Timer– Since there is no timer in this device you cannot be absent in the process of food dehydrating in your appliance.
  • Noisy Fan– You cannot use this appliance when there are people sleeping since the fan makes a lot of noise during the process of dehydrating.

You can find this product on amazon.com or the link provided below. An amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 is rewarded to this appliance.

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4. Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator.

If you have been confident with food dehydrating and are looking for a high-quality food dehydrator with an affordable price, Magic Mill might be your perfect match.

Feature of Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator.

  • A rear end fan mounted that ensures evenly distributed airflow.
  • Digital thermostat and timer control for convenience and innovance.
  • 6 adjustable stainless steel trays which are dishwasher safe.
  • High protection against overheating which means it’ll turn off by itself in case of overheating.
  • The device consumes 600 watts to prepare a set of 7lbs of dehydrated food.

The Pros

  • Drying Capacity– Magic Mill has an incredible drying capacity for its worth and quality.
  • Commercial usage– If you are considering going commercial with your homemade dehydrated snacks, this is the perfect one to go commercial with.
  • BPA Free– 6 BPA free stainless steel trays.
  • Easy Monitoring- A transparent glass door for you to monitor over your produce.
  • Thermostat settings– The device has thermostat setting from 95° to 167°F

The Cons

  • Limited Capacity– Even if you decide to purchase extra trays from the market, you cannot increase the capacity of this food dehydrator in your device.

Mike Mill is a commercial product with an amazon rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. More than 1000 ratings are rewarded by the customers.

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5. Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator.

If you are looking to dive deeper into dehydrating food, consider this product. According to me who has previously played around and tried out different dehydrators, Excalibur isn’t an ideal choice for a beginner and anyone who is looking for a cheaper and much affordable dehydrating appliance.

Features of Excalibur 3926TB Electric Food Dehydrator

  • It is incredibly spacious with 9 trays, fifteen square feet food dehydrator.
  • A thermostat which allows you to select the desired temperature ranging from 105°-165°F.
  • The trays are made of poly-screen trays which prevents food from sticking.
  • This device features a built-in 26 hours timer.

The Pros

  • Heat Distribution– The device uses Parallex Horizontal AirFlow that provides equal distribution of air inside.
  • Modified Thermostat– The 26 hour timer can be adjusted according to the temperature necessary to dry produce.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning– The cleaning is easier since the body is made of stainless steel.
  • Less Power Consumption– The device runs at low 600 watts power which is quite economical.

The Cons

  • Bulky in Size– This food dehydrator is huge in size when compared to other dehydrators hence may not be suitable for small kitchen stations or kitchen cabinets.
  • Irritating Noise– Excalibur produces a very irritating and hard on the ears noise when in use. The noise increases as months pass by.

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator on amazon.com has a 4.7 rating out of 5 and a total of 2000+ global ratings. Are you interested in the purchase?

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6. Tribest Sedona Express SD-S9000-B Digital Food Dehydrator with Stainless Steel Trays.

Tribest Sedona Express is one of the high end food dehydrators. Even with tons of features, this model will fit into your kitchen.

Features of Tribest Sedona Express SD-S9000-B Digital

  • The device has a timer and temperature display which makes it easier to see.
  • It has 9 trays which allows you to increase the space.
  • Allows you to utilise for 99hours straight without overheating and degrading the enzymes of your food.
  • Allows you to safely cook beef jerky directly without pre-cooking it in the oven.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty. One of the longest in the dehydrating industry.

The Pros

  • Compact design– This device has 9 trays but is compact which saves space in your kitchen.
  • Digital Display– The temperature and time is digitally displayed in the front of the device for convenience.
  • Two stage temperature control– The device allows you to start at a higher temperature and finish off at a lower setting.
  • Transparent glass with internal LED light– This allows you to easily check up on your food.

The Cons

  • Inaccuracy of Temperature– Users have complained that the temperature is not accurate as it displays.

A global rating of 4 out of 5 is received by Tribest Sedona Express. In case you are interested to look into it any further, this link will direct you to it’s amazon.com site.

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FAQs about Food Dehydrators

Can I use a food dehydrator to dry nuts, herbs, and spices?

All food dehydrators are specifically designed to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, herbs, and spices.

How long does it take a food dehydrator to make crispy apple chips?

It varies to different types of food dehydrators and factors like the thickness of the product’s slice, temperature, heat distribution. Follow instructions accordingly to the manual of your dehydrator and get ready to munch on some healthy snacks.

Can I use this device for dehydrating liquid?

Most of the food dehydrators are meant to dehydrate solid food. However, with necessary precautions, you could try dehydrating liquid.

What needs to be the minimum and maximum thickness of each food slice?

There is no limitation as such. Nevertheless, the thickness of your food slices will directly affect the amount of time required to dehydrate it.

What needs to be the minimum space between two slices of food?

An inch space will allow individual slices to get their desired crisp.

At what temperature should I dry my food?

This depends on your priority. Here is a rough guide for types of food and their temperatures. Herbs and delicates- 35°C (95°F) Yogurt Making- 46°C (115°F) Fruits- 52°C (125°F) Vegetables- 57°C (135°F) Meat and Fish- 68°C (155°F)

Why can’t I just use my oven?

In general, lower temperature is offered in a food dehydrator which an oven fails to do so. Warm air isn’t circulated in an oven which increases the risk of bacteria and fungus.

What is the best way to preserve food once it is dried?

Any sterilized, airtight container or vacuum sealed bag works out just fine to store dry food. In my personal experience, I go for vacuum sealed bags since they take up less space.

Does dehydrating food increase your sugar level?

Dried fruits taste extra sweet due to evaporation of water and concentration of sugar. But rehydrating dried fruits does not increase sugar content overall.

Which way of food storage method is better? Dehydrated or Canned?

Canned food does not always give you good end results. Due to high temperature, the food may lose its nutrients up to 60% to 80%. Whereas average nutrients lost through dehydration of food is 3% to 5%.

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