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Accidents, injuries happen with no prior calls. It is you, who have to be cautious and prepared to battle with the happening. Although prevention is better than cure, but preventions may not be applied in every step of living. Always be prepared with the first aid kit which will help you at every point. It is one of the necessities in everyday life. This concept of first aid kit came up during the 1800s before this time, people had to travel miles or be dependent on the nearby doctors, but in this century the dependency on first aid kit has increased. A first aid kit is something very important and should be present in your house and in your car. Some minor incidents keep on happening be it road accident or chopping of your finger while cutting vegetables or fruits or slipping and hurting your ankle. In such cases a first aid kit is super helpful. It is generally advised that to keep your kit small and simple. It should consist of all necessary equipment such as Bands aid, gauze, medical tape, hands sanitizer, antibiotic cream, some ointments and painkiller. A first aid kit is needed in every situation, be you go for a trip, hiking, or simply need to keep some bands aids handy for your family. This is the best place to talk about some of the best first aid kits you will need in your daily life. You will be getting first aid kits in different shapes and sizes in the market. There are many which are categorised for different occasions. Let’s hop on to a few types of first aid kits you would like to have in your backpacks, home cupboards, office drawers or inside your car.

My Medic MyFAK First Aid Kit

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This is the first kit which has got the best review as it is well stocked with essentials which is needed in a life or death emergencies. It is well stacked up with essential elements for burns, sprains and fractures. Apart from these medications it also has some tropical creams. It is well reviewed because of its advanced and well-equipped medications and supplies. Moreover, it is not so huge and hard to carry everywhere you go. It can be treated as one of the best medical supplies in a kit, which can be stored and carried everywhere along with you. This might turn out to be the best choice in your whole life.

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit with Mini Kit

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The next first aid kit might seem a little big, but it is no less effective during the time of emergencies. If you are in search of durable, strong first aid kit then I must say this will be right choice for you. This bag is made up of 600D polyester which makes it stronger in the market. If you are thinking to go for a hiking or camping and feel the first aid kit have to face a rough time, then I will suggest you buy this. Moreover, this kit is portable and can be carried anywhere you want. If you are paying the amount you deserve the best product. This first aid kit will not give you hard time like those plastic kits which tend to break if under little pressure. This investment on a robust, soft shell and rugged kit is far better and worth your pocket. This is a big kit which provides you with 200 life saving essentials. FDA has approved this kit and as well as it is approved best for travel. This gives you an additional space for your items in case you want to add some. The interior of the bag is well designed, it consists of lamination pouches which have water resistant capacity. The whole outer body of the first aid kit has water resistant capacity, altogether you do not have to worry about your essentials getting damaged by splash of water. It can be easily attached to a car’s headrest with the Molle System in it. This kit has many uses and supports cure for any serious injuries while your way. This is also considered as one of the best kits in the market.

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 120-Piece First Aid Kit

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This FDA first aid kit is very much useful and is not huge and can be fitted anywhere you want. The good news about this kit is that it has been upgraded in 2018 with few more additional elements. It only weights around 1.2 pounds and it is super light. It has no weight as such. This is a 2 in 1 first aid kit with 32 mini first aid kits inside, isn’t it amazing? It contains stainless steel trauma shears, ice packs and several other tools for survival. The Mini First Aid Kit is designed for easy transportation and offers Band-Aids, antiseptic alcohol and sting relief pads, gauze, CPR kit, and refill essentials.

 DeftGet 163-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit

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The next in list is this compact, little, waterproof first aid kit. Just like the above kit, this has been upgraded in 2018, which makes it stronger and more durable and it has additional features of strong metal scissors and tweezers along with an accurate compass. This is recommended for extended backpacking trips and for the fishermen. The compactness makes it more effective and useful. It is well equipped with 163 high quality essentials which includes triangular bandages, an emergency blanket, flashlight, saber cards non-woven adhesive tape, and so much more. The bag has water resistant capacity which will save your essentials from getting drenched. The weight makes everyone buy this kit. It only weighs 10.4 ounce which makes it light enough to get it carried away with you at any place you visit. This is even suited for the harsh conditions and rough uses, with its durability power.

SURVIVAL Work/Home First Aid Kit

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This can be termed as the most useful and intelligently designed first aid kit. In this kit each and every item are being labelled and shows exactly what they should be used for and the quantity to be maintained in your kit for a few essentials. This is FDA approved high quality and water resistant first aid kit, with multiple uses. This kit has a feature which will help you locate the kit in the dark with its reflective pipping feature on the exterior part of the bag. It has a feature of zippered mesh section which will help you to customize the medications, puffers, or other items you’d like to carry. It is way more convenient for may of us.

 Delta Provision Co. First Aid Kit

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This first aid kit is way to advanced and uniquely designed for military. It is rough and usually in use for the first responders and wilderness medics. This is a 9” x 6” x 3” pouch which can contain all the essentials and emergency needs. It is very much compatible with Molle and Pals features and easy to carry around. The product is very well designed and contains Israeli designed Bandage which will help in reducing the blood. Other than the bandage, emergency supplies like CPR mask, cold pack, compass, medical tape, emergency blanket, whistle, tongue depressor and many more items are stacked up in this kit. This is completely well packed up first aid kit which can be used in any situation.

Lightning X First Responder First Aid Supplies Kit

The Lightning X is specifically designed for wilderness first responders and medics, but it’s also great for special events, concerts, hiking, camping, schools, and day cares. All supplies are packed in a waterproof backpack with an abrasion resistant bottom and reflective triple trim on top and bottom for safety and visibility. This first aid kit comes with four foam divider and large elastic loops in the main compartment. Along with it, contains tool pockets and mesh pouch. This kit is well stacked with life saving equipment which includes Kelly Hemostats, Ammonia ampules, adult blood pressure cuff with a case, and much more.

Northbound Train First Aid Kit for Camping

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If you find yourself in a position of adventurous person and loves hiking and camping, then this kit is the perfect match for you. The Northbound Train first aid kit well designed by U.S Marine, is rough and durable. However, you will be surprised to know that this kit is very light and weighs only 11 ounces and measures just 3x5x7 inches which on the other hand makes it portable enough. This first aid kit has a feature of TSA compliant design manufactured with high quality nylon which is durable enough with high quality zipper. It will not easily tear apart. This kit is fully stocked with stainless steel shears, sharp tweezers, and waterproof laminate pouches for all other contents. This kit is perfect, light and durable for the people who are always out for camping and other adventures.

Always Prepared Ultra-Light 100-Piece First Aid Kit

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This kit is well stored for households and other convenient places like in your car or office. This kit has a deal saver offer. Buy 3 and get 1 free. Isn’t it great? Now you can buy this kit for your family and friends, this kit is worth of your purchase. The good thing about this kit is that it comes with a bonus emergency auto escape tool. The kit is not huge and can be fitted anywhere in the corner or the closet or in any shelve. It contains extra-large adhesive bandages, a slim rescue howler whistle, compass, CPR facemask, Moleskin blister relief, one disposable raincoat, and much more.

SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit

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If you are a person who likes to travel a lot and loves road trips and usually make a living inside a vehicle then this kit is the best for you. This kit is approved by the FDA and actually weighs one pound less from the SURVIVAL’s Work/Home model. This doesn’t mean that it contains any less items. It is well packed and stocked with emergency essentials that you will need for any road mishaps or accidents. This kit is well equipped and is perfect for your truck or car or any vehicle. It will just fit in any corner of your vehicle. This kit has an authentic customisable and intelligent design. This kit consists of authentic SMART snake and spider bandage. This is very strong with high quality zip and durability. It has water resistant capacity and strong handles. The handles are doubled stitched which makes it stronger and easier to carry around without the fear of tearing apart. It contains most of the emergency supplies that you would need in any kind of situation.

Sportsman Series Grizzly First Aid Kit

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As the name says, this kit is a part of sportsman series by Adventure Medical kit. This kit is again designed for the people who loves adventures and sports. This is a very useful kit for the fishermen, mountain climbers and hunters. This kit consists of all the essentials needed to treat any injuries in the field. The essentials will surely help you at the time of need. This kit contains sterile bandage materials, essentials to care for wounds, blisters, burns, fractures, and sprains, common medications, CPR face shield, and essential first aid tools. This is a very strong kit which is well designed for fast access of the supplies. Everything in the kit is well packed and organised and have a high visibility container so that the person can have a quick access to the elements. This is worth your pocket with these many benefits.

What are the fundamental elements in a First Aid Kit?

When you are looking for a first aid kit, you should check your budget as it plays a main factor. Some of the first aid kits costs a lot but it has all the supplies you need. All the first aid kits come in different sizes and shapes. More expensive and comprehensive varieties are specifically designed for medical personnel. Others provide the basic essentials for every household. Your choice will likely come down to how much you’re willing to spend. As you know an injury can lead to different other effects to your body it is very much vital to treat the injury as fast as possible. The first step to proper first aid care is to have the right supplies at your disposal when treating various wounds or illnesses. When buying any first aid kit you have to consider first the need i.e. for what kind of wound or trip you will need a kit. Each kit varies from different amount and budget according to the needs. A first aid kit should have all the varieties of product and essential elements in it. It is very important to have a all round first aid kit, with every supply in it. It should have elements for outdoor activities as well, because you never know when you will be hurt or sprain your ankle. In case the situation is turning worse then drive yourself to a doctor, you should know you can not treat yourself properly when it’s an emergency. Most of the first aid kits are huge and requires excessively big storage. So, at first buy something as per your needs so that the storage isn’t a problem. There are a lot of kits with all the supplies and is very much compact. It can be an easy fit under the sink or any small cupboard or to any drawer. It is also advised to keep some first aid inside your purse or the bag you carry along every day. You have to keep in mind the actual use of the first aid, for what reason you will be using one. If you are indulged into a normal everyday routine than a simple small kit will work whereas if you are into more adventures and camping you will need something strong and well stocked kit. It is better to have a household kit which will treat your burns and cuts in home. Most of the common essentials that you will find in a first aid kit are as follows.

  • Absorbent Compress Adhesive Bandages
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Antibiotic Treatments
  • Antiseptic Swabs, Wipes, and/or Towelettes
  • Bandage Compresses in Multiple Sizes
  • CPR Barrier
  • Burn Dressings and Treatments
  • Cold Packs
  • Eye Covering with means of attachment
  • Eye/Skin Wash
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Roller Bandages in Multiple Sizes
  • Sterile Pads
  • Triangular Bandage
  • First Aid Guide

These are the basic supplies a kit should contain.

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