Best Electric Knife Sharpener Consumer Reports 2020

Diagram, engineering drawing Description automatically generated Among all the utensils a knife is the most important utensil in your kitchen. In fact, you have to work hard behind the knife to keep it in shape and rust free. A sharp knife is safer than a blunt knife. To keep the knife away from the rust and make it sharp you will need a knife sharpener. This is very obvious to have a knife sharpener in your home. A lot of the customers using a knife sharpener gave some reviews about the product they are using. An electric knife sharpener is your life saver and won’t cost you that much. In here we will see the reviews of the consumers using a knife sharpener. However, a knife sharpener helps you sharpen your knife at home without any rush. It consists of several stages for sharpening your knife which is again the best part in a knife sharpener. If your blades are non-serrated, all you need to do is set the sharpener in mode 2 and 3 and make your blade back to new. If you are a user or non-user, a sharpener has three stages of sharpening, the first stage is all about the coarse and roughness, it helps your knife reshape its angle and revive the edge. The second stage is present to complete or refine the task of the first stage. It helps to sharp and polish the edge of your knife. In short, a knife sharpener is the best for your knife. However, here are some of the listed electrical knife sharpener that tops the list in the market.

Presto 8800 Best electric knife sharpener consumer reports

A picture containing text, indoor Description automatically generated This sharpener is very professional and gives you best results. It consists of two level of sharpening system which helps in giving the accurate results. This is a brilliant product as it can sharpen as many knives it wants to. This will consume less electricity of 120v and has high performance capability. A Presto 8800 sharpener provides an easy and automatic way of sharpening. It also helps to sharpen the rough and damaged blade knives. The razor shape edge helps in turning your dull knife to a sharp one. It comes with a warranty of one year and it can sharpen ultra-hard materials. It is the ideal sharpener liked by the consumers because of its performance. The specific time of the warranty is one year. Light easily carried with flexible spring guides. The only con with this product is that it doesn’t wash with bleach. Apart from this the pros are all listed above.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor Professional automatic knife sharpener

A picture containing indoor, knife, weapon Description automatically generated The next in the list is this brilliant product Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor Professional automatic knife sharpener. This is a perfect match for your knife with its automatic technology. The flexible rubber has automatic adjustments with three stages of sharpening. Its Push knife to correct angle for perfect sharping. Flexible and easy sharp many kitchen chef knives. This Electric knives sharpener is 100% made with diamond abrasives for sharpening the serrated blades and straight edges. The weight of razor sharpening is really light, it weighs around 4.42 pounds. It consists of a honing steel which helps to put back the knife into the centre point. This is marked as one of the best electrical sharpeners by the customers. The only flaws in it is that it is a bit noisy. It gives you a lot of features so you should not really find just one small flaw in it.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

A picture containing diagram Description automatically generated This sharpener is not noisy as it can go up to 60 HZ. It consists of three sharpening stages and that works on 120 v which is very less electric consumption. The three-stage sharpening gives excellent results while the non-slipping base gives an excellent grip and stability. It goes well on most of the kitchen knives. American style knives sharpener with powerful quality features. During sharping the steel dust cleaned up by wrapping a magnet in a tissue and passed over the accumulation. The product gives smart results when it comes to straight edges. It stands as the best electric knife sharpener in consumer or user reports. The only flaw is that you cannot use oil or water when sharpening your knives.

Chef’s Choice 250 electric knife sharpener under $100

A picture containing text, printer, projector Description automatically generated This product is yet another amazing product in the market. This sharpener consists of 3 advanced stages of sharpening. However, the last or the third stage is manual sharpening, this is when you can edge your knives and straighten them. The first two stages are electrical, so you need not worry much. The cool thing is the manual system doesn’t need electricity, even if your house is out of electricity you can use it to sharpen your knives. The 3 stages sharping system to ensure a super sharp polished edge. It comes with 120v and please use it on 220v.This is the perfect choice for sharping straight serrated knives, kitchen household knives, sporting knives, and pocketknives. This product is not noisy as it ranges from 65dB to 75dB. It is very much flexible and easy to use Diamond abrasive. The lightweight for fine ceramic sharpening. Best electric knife sharpener consumer reports. It comes with a year Chef’s Choice warranty. The only con in it is that you cannot go over 220v it has the risk of burning.

Diamond electric Serrated Knife Sharpener

A picture containing projector Description automatically generated This sharpener consists of two stages of diamond and honing wheel. This will allow you to sharp multiple knives you wish for. This sharpener is usually good for ceramic knives mostly used in homes and restaurants. It has two stages of sharpening the straight ceramic kitchen knives. The diamond wheel will help to sharp blades from tip to handle. Any blade with high quality hard steel blades or any lightweight blades can be well sharpened with this tool. Diamond wheel cartridge is removable for cleaning. You can easily sharpen stainless steel knives with traditional v-edge bevel. This is small and convenient sharpener in your kitchen. It has a small “brick” power supply for using on 120V or 220V. The two different wheel has its own job to do. The last wheel is meant for the final sharp to you knife. You cannot wash it into liquid.

EdgeKeeper Best knife sharpener for hunting knives

A picture containing text Description automatically generated This sharpener is unique in its own terms. This sharpener has an abrasive belt easy to change or replaceable with new. It has a feature of abrasive belt easy to change or replaceable with new. The blade gets sharpened at 50-degree angle when it’s the blade is been sharpened in the outdoor sharpener. This sharpener is flexible with every angle. Provides you with efficient sharpening. Most importantly, you need not wait for long to get your knives sharpened. It is very quick with sharpening. This electric knife sharpener from EdgeKeeper seems like a sleek, vintage home appliance, thus making it a perfect selection for most kitchens. This machine will work best on most knives, comprising both European and Asian-style blades. It will not reshape thicker edges to be thinner, so don’t make any effort to upgrade your Western knives with this system. Did you hear about magnetic clean-up system? Well this machine does have this feature. This will gather all the shaves and metal pieces left out during the sharpening of your knife. All you have to do is, pull it out, wipe it, and then it is all set to go. However, the use is not that simple, you have to gather some knowledge to use this product.

CHEF’S CHOICE 270, Heavy duty

A picture containing printer Description automatically generated The next in line is Chef’s Choice 270, the most efficient and which goes well with heavy blades. This as well is well equipped with three stage hybrid technology which includes electrical and manual sharpening. As we all know that not all knife sharpeners are the same in quality and performance. Some knife sharpeners are more affordable than others, and not only this, but they offer excellent and reliable performance. This Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond knife sharpener is among those models. You can find many electric knife sharpeners for under $100, but this Chef Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid is different and superior to others in terms of performance. In every stage the process of sharpening includes sharpening, re-sharpening and polishing. A new advanced feature of crisscross allows to give your blade a long-lasting bevel edge. However, it has turned out to be very reliable machine in most of the households. But you have to keep in mind not to put any ceramic blade, it is not good with ceramics blades, it will damage your blade.

Work sharp knife and tool sharpener

A picture containing power saw, tool Description automatically generated This machine or tool is very much reliable as it can sharp your knife very well as well as some other tools.  It comes with flexible abrasive belts, so you can use it to improve the sharpness of almost all types of blades, including straight, curved, filet, serrated, and more. This Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener provides a perfect angle every time it works by combining two precision angle sharpening guides. It uses a 40 ° guide for thinner blades, and for hunting and outdoor knives, it uses a 50 ° guide. It is really interesting to get a machine which can sharp other tools like scissors, shovels and blades and many more. The unit only weighs 2.05lbs and measures around 13.1 x 5.4 x 8.3 inches. The very good thing is that it will not affect the steel of the blade while sharpening. It is super cost efficient as comparable to other products in the market. However the only problem is that it do not have any appropriate section for short blades, this might not help you with the sharpening of any short blade.

Grocery art electric knife sharpener tool 3 in 1

A picture containing icon Description automatically generated This brand takes a lot of care to your wrist, it is designed in such a way that you will love to sharpen your knives daily. It matters to maintain an angle while sharpening but this product will work smooth on your knives with correct angle. Grocery Art is the most common kitchen appliances brand that has not ever left a single chance in impressing us with its products. We have just used their novel electric sharpener, and it has certainly reduced our cutlery-related issues considerably. This product is pocket friendly and will not create holes in your pockets. This model is creatively designed with 2 stage advanced sections. The first stage gives you razor sharp edge and the second stage finely polishes your blade giving the factory finish quality. Grocery art electric knife sharpener is a reliable go-to option for quick knife sharpening jobs. Not only can you sharpen your kitchen knives appropriately, but it also takes care of your dull scissors and screwdrivers. If you need to sharp multiple knives you have to go with this product because it is very light and versatile. It can be your best pick in the market because of its price and adjustable angle feature. Although it is not for professional use as it doesn’t straighten the blades which means you cannot use serrated blades on this product.

KitchenIQ  50353 Angle Adjust

The next in line is this beautiful model. For every angle and blades this product is the most suitable. Be the blade straight or serrated this tool will straighten and polish it in a very professional way. This tool readjusts and reframes your blade to its original position. Another notable feature of this sharpener system is that it can effectively sharp both sides of the knife simultaneously, thus guaranteeing the final results will be perfect. The diamond interlocking wheels makes the whole process effective and quick. Furthermore, the interlocking wheels ensure that minimum metal will be lost during the entire process. It takes all the care for your wrist; it has a comfortable grip which make it steady and you can hold it in comfort. However, the ratings for this product is not as good as the above. It is stated to have a dangerous design which is not very safe to use.

The use of knife sharpener

There are a multiple use and advantages of a knife sharpener, you don’t have to worry about your blunt knife and go in search for a honing rod. We all know the ease and comfort of using a knife sharpener, apart from it let me sight out more from it. Most of the knife sharpeners provides you with sharpening of other household tools. This will not be provided by a manual knife sharpener. Almost all the electric knife sharpeners provide you with perfect angle and grip which means it holds the knife in an angle perfectly which also increases the efficiency and sharpness. In a manual knife sharpener, you have to keep in mind the angle so that the blade is not damaged. Buying an electric knife sharpener is the best and erstwhile investment. An electric knife sharpener will not cost that much though, however, the cost rises a little with some extra features. Many sharpeners allow you to sharp tools like scissors, screwdrivers, and any other blade which you wish to sharp. An electrical sharpener costs a little more than the manual once, so you have to keep in mind about the warranty period of your favourite knife sharpener. Getting the best electric knife sharpener can be a confusing task, especially when buying it for the first time. It’s quite apparent that you will get confused and amazed by the abundance of knife sharpeners available on the market. And to make things more complicated, the price range of these knife sharpeners is huge and extends to spending hundreds. The best sharpener will highlight the polished and sharp knives in the kitchen.

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