Best Dishwasher Detergent For Hard Water 2020 (Buying Guide)

Do you see little white, chalky, and hazy spots of water after you are done doing the dishes? It is clear cut evidence that you have hard water. The more mineral content your water has, the harder the water is. Although the water can be safely consumed and utilised for various other purposes, it can also cause other issues. If you wish to achieve completely clean dishes, you may have to switch to some of the best dishwasher detergents for hard water in the market. I have brought together a list of 6 best dishwasher detergents for hard water in 2020. If you desire to have sparkling clean dishes without the expense of your skin irritation and other health issues, continue reading to find out the guideline to purchase your safe and suitable dishwasher detergent.

1. Cascade Platinum Plus Best Dishwasher Detergent for hard water.

This dishwasher detergent is best known for its effectiveness and efficiency. It’s the favourite budget friendly detergent in the market. Cascade Platinum Plus saves up to 15 gallons of water per dish load. The detergent is popular for giving the silverware the shine and fresh look we all expect the dishes to give after the wash.

Features of Cascade Platinum Plus

  • The ingredients in this dishwasher dissolve any kind of burnt out food and its residue. You do not have to add bleach or other sort of additives.
  • Since the detergent is phosphate-free, it is perfect for both hard and soft water.
  • The product has simple safety instructions for the customers to be careful of. Avoid consuming it, and keep away from pets and children.
  • With Cascade Platinum Plus, you are not required to pre wash your dishes for sparkling clean dishes.

The Pros

  • No pre-wash required– For a lot of dishwasher detergents, pre-wash is required since they are unable to remove and dissolve tough stains from your dishes.
  • Tough grease fighter– The combination of sodium carbonate, nonionic surfactants, and enzymes ensures to completely get rid of any dirt.

The Cons

  • Risky ingredients– Has hazardous ingredients in detergent which may alter with your health.

Link to purchase

The product has over 30,000 global ratings with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher is available on for you to look into it for more information and reviews. Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods, ActionPacs Detergent, Lemon, 70 Count

2. Finish- Quantum Best dishwasher detergent for hard water.

This dishwasher detergent has multiple chamber dishwashing technology. Which means that a dish with 24 hours dried food will also get sparkling clean with this tech detergent.

Features of Finish-Quantum dishwasher detergent

  • This detergent is perfect for cleaning the tough stains and spots like coffee and tea from your dishware.
  • The product is able to scrub away even a 24 hour stain and fried food on the utensil.
  • Finish-Quantum is well known for its ability to keep transparent dishes clean and brand new.

The Pros

  • The detergent has sodium citrate– This is an agent that tends to soften the water during the process of cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher. The ingredient also deeply cleanses the utensils.
  • Easy to use– The product comes premeasured to enhance your dishwashing experience.
  • Wrapper free– There is no waste that comes along with this product.

The Cons

  • Scent– The only default this detergent has is its very peculiar and strong scent.

Link to purchase

Finish- Quantum Best dishwasher detergent for hard water is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 87% of the consumers with a rating of 7000+. For more details, the link below will take you straight to its page. Finish – Quantum – 82ct – Dishwasher Detergent – Powerball – Ultimate Clean & Shine – Dishwashing Tablets – Dish Tabs

3. Melaleuca Diamond Brite Best Automatic Dishwasher Detergent for hard water

This dishwasher product is best known for its natural ingredients as well as enzyme dissolver, even baked-on-food.

Features of Melaleuca Diamond Brite

  • Cleans dishes and utensils with minimum effort with a good result.
  • The product is concentrated to save money with reduced environmental waste.
  • The detergent has natural ingredients to dissolve even the hardest and stubborn stains and dirt.

The Pros

  • Safe detergent– This product does minimum harm to your health and the environment.
  • Natural Enzyme– Just as the enzymes help you digest food in your body, the similar way is performed here by the product to break down grease, dirts, and stains.

The Cons

  • Preservatives– Although the product claims to be all natural,there are some unidentified chemicals that are hazardous to health.

Link to Purchase

Melaleuca Diamond Brite has a global rating of 4.5 out 5. I have attached a link below for you to check it out on Melaleuca Diamond Brite Automatic Dish Washer Detergent Liquid 45oz — 25 Loads

4. Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent with Phosphate

I know what you are thinking, phosphate is dangerous for health. Yes, however the phosphate utilised in this detergent is extremely effective to dissolve the build-up and limescale in your dishes.

Features of Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent

  • The detergent form is powder with no detergent dyes and free of perfumes.
  • This formula not only keeps your dishes and utensils clean and sparkly but also your dishwasher.
  • This product has the strength of a commercial cleaner which allows the maximum power allowed to rinse off any grease and dirt on the dishes.

The Pros

  • Great for hard water– This detergent is very effective and a game charger for houses with tough hard water. With the concentrated powder, you require only 2 or 3 tablespoons for it to work its magic.
  • Efficiency– With one bag, it gets up to 60 loads which is very rare in the cases of dishwasher detergents.
  • Effectiveness– Bubble Bandit has the commercial strength to dissolve and rinse of toughest of the toughest stains and dirt on utensils.

The Cons

  • Not environment friendly– This product had hazardous ingredients which are not suitable for a good environment after disposal.
  • The availability– Since this product is US based, the heavy use of phosphate in the soaps is banned in several states. Make sure to check your state’s regulation before purchasing this product.
  • Expensive detergent– Comparatively, the prices of this detergent is higher than other traditional dishwasher soaps in the market.

Link to Purchase

Since this product is comparatively a little expensive dishwasher detergent, it has been rated 4.4 out of a 5. To know other people’s reviews and give your own reviews after a consensual purchase, the link down below will take you straight to its amazon page. Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent with Phosphate. 1The Best Dishwasher Detergent for Spotless Dishes in Hard Water! ALL-IN-ONE (Soak, Wash & Rinse). One Bag (3.75 lbs.)

5. Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Pack

This enzyme based powdered detergent is slightly higher in price but a steal for a good dishwasher detergent. Here’s why

Features of Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent

  • Plant powdered detergent enzymes in it quickly break down the stubborn food stains and grease without the need of pre-wash, pre- soak, or pre-rinse.
  • Puracy Natural Dishwasher has all natural and safe ingredients for a dishwasher detergent to have. This means it is completely safe as a cleaning agent for toys, baby bottles, pots, pans, ceramics, and metal.
  • Just one dose of this product is more than enough to do the job for a load full of utensils at a time. Including a dishwasher with a 16 place setting.

The Pros

  • Plant based enzymes- Puracy Natural has a plant based enzyme as its agents to break down and dissolve the stubborn build up on all types of dishes and utensils.
  • Non- hazardous ingredients– The detergent doesn’t not have sulphate, bleach, perfume, or other toxic chemicals.
  • Developed by professionals– The product is developed and enhanced by doctors and chemists to promote all natural dishwasher detergent and test the power of enzymes.

The Cons

  • Reduced effectiveness– From time to time, the effectiveness of this product may vary or reduce. The grease and other stubborn build up may not be washed off.
  • Soap residues– Depending on the levels of different types of hard water, you may notice soap suds in the bottom of your dishwasher.

Link to Purchase

This product has a global rating of around 1,300 with a global review of 4.5 out of 5. This fancy detergent will suit your taste if you wish to click on the link below Puracy Platinum Dishwasher Detergent Pods, 50 Count, Natural Enzyme Powder Tablets, Spot & Residue-Free Dish Packs, Free & Clear

6. Method Smarty Dish Plus Dishwasher Detergent

This high quality detergent has some unique and undeniable features. The product is not complicated to use and has simple instructions for your dishwashing experience to be smooth and non-messy.

Feature of Method Smarty Dish Plus Dishwasher Detergent

  • The product contains one reusable pouch with 45 individual packets of dishwasher soaps inside.
  • The company is dedicated to manufacturing natural and cruelty free dishwasher detergent.
  • This product is the best phosphate free detergent powder for hard water in its league.
  • Method Smarty dissolves even the stickiest and stubborn food on your utensils including the fuzzy white spots that are present due to hard water.

The Pros

  • Easy usage– The product is literally so easy to use. Although it may appear to be complicated, you just have to take one pouch out of the whole packet and place it in the soap dish of your dishwasher and turn it on.
  • No phosphate or added chemicals– Method Smarty does not have harsh chemicals and phosphate and you still do not have to worry over including bleach and other additives.
  • Mineral Based composition– Since this detergent uses natural ingredients and minerals, it is best suitable for hard water.
  • Fast Dissolving tabs– The product is manufactured carefully to suit its customer’s needs. The tabs dissolve quickie although they seem pretty hard.

The Cons

  • Expensive– Compared to other dishwasher detergents in the market, this product is expensive.
  • Inconvenience in size– At times, the detergent tabs are bigger in size which leads to it not fitting into the compact soap compartment.
  • Not suitable for Plastic dishes– The detergent tends to leave hazy and fuzzy spots on plastic dishes and utensils.

Link to Purchase

Since this dishwasher detergent is pretty expensive when compared to other detergents in the market, the reviews are 4.1 out of 5 on Here’s the link to know more details about this product

Guidelines to purchase your perfect dishwasher detergent

While you decide to purchase the best suitable detergent for your hard water issues. There are certain parameters that could lead you to buy the one that’ll best meet your necessities. To make sure that you end up selecting the best dishwasher detergent for your suitable area of hard water supply, I have assembled a few guidelines for the best consumer experience. When buying a detergent for your dishwasher, follow these steps

#1. Ingredients

If you are a conscious consumer, you will obviously ponder over the ingredients present in your dishwasher detergent. Some detergents go all natural ingredients while others use heavy doses of phosphate and toxic chemicals. There are dishwasher detergents in the market that cause irritation on skin, eyes, and other essential body parts. I suggest you look for products that avoid some of these ingredients

  1. Phosphate
  2. Chlorine
  3. Triclosan
  4. Ammonia
  5. Bleach
  6. DiEthanolamine

#2. Water Supply

This is the second most important factor to check when you buy a detergent. Inform and educate yourself whether your water supply at home is soft water or hard water. Hard water consists of great levels of magnesium, calcium, and minerals. A biochemical based dishwasher detergent is best suitable for hard water.

#3. Brand

We all know how much brands matter for all consumer purchases. All the brands specify the ingredients that are utilised in the manufacturing of its products. Brands that promote natural or biochemical ingredients appeal to its consumers. Invest in a detergent brand which you trust the most while it satisfies your needs.

#4. Size and Quantity

In your quest of buying dishwasher detergent, make sure to clarify the quantity of the detergent and how many loads one product offers.

#5. Price

Whenever you are planning to purchase a detergent, consider the price and affordability of it. A budget friendly detergent is always preferred by the consumers.

FAQs about dishwasher detergents, and hard water

How do I know how hard my water is?

For you to know this check with your municipal water authorities. If a water softener is installed, make sure to check it occasionally if its proper functioning.

How do I know how much detergent to use?

This always depends on how you prepare your dishes and utensils for washing, the hardness of your water, your cycle choice, and how large your typical load is. If your dishes are not pre-washed, then you will require 2 to 2 ½ tablespoon of cascade dishwasher detergent.

Can I wash plastic containers safely in my dishwasher?

To find this out, you have to check the instructions made available by the manufacturers. It is best known to place plastic dishes on the top racks of your dishwasher. Since a hot water rinse might alter with it, it is best to check if the container mentions whether it is dishwasher friendly or not.

How do I get rid of hazy spots and filming on my dishes?

Make sure to check the correct temperature and correct amount of detergent.Some times this problem is caused due to not loading the dishes properly. As a solution for these issues, consumers use rinsing agents. A good rinsing agent is vinegar.

What can i do to get rid of the odor in my dishwasher?

If there’s a full load of dishes and utensils, run the rinse-hold cycle once a day for it to remain freshly rinsed and odorless.

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