Best 36-Inch Gas Range Consumer Reports In 2020

The necessity of good kitchenware has become of utmost importance in today’s busy schedules. Therefore, families with particularly large quantities of members have more need of having a gas range that serves their multipurpose functions. Buying a good gas range depends upon the quantity and it is essential to remember that you should always prioritise the quality of the gas range over the quantity of money you will be spending on it. Hence, you should be a more wise consumer and not give in to the fantasy that everything of quality will come to you at a low price. There is no genie to take this wish of yours as his command. However, there are some tips that can work well for you to guide you perfectly well in choosing the best gas range and that genie for you is this article.

Best tips to remember when buying a gas range

  • The first thing you should know when investing in a gas range is its size. Therefore, make sure the gas range meets the size of your requirements.
  • This may not come across as an important factor to you but definitely do not dismiss the color of the gas range as a futile determinant to ponder upon. The color of the gas range is also as important as the size because you may want a lighter or darker color and also according to the maintenance you are willing to put on the gas range. Therefore, decide upon the color as well before the purchase.
  • A 36-inch Gas range will mostly come with an estimate of 4 or 5 burners so you can easily cook multiple dishes in one go.
  • Look at the design carefully and select a gas range that will fit perfectly with the look of your kitchen. Some gas ranges come with a futuristic design which looks good if your kitchen has a modern design while a classic design may mould better when the kitchen has a traditional design.

Hence, these are just some of the few points to remember before purchasing a gas range so that your buying experience becomes easier as well as more beneficial. You may not have given a thought to the benefits of a gas range but did you know that investing on a good quality gas range can work wonders for you and make your cooking sessions a lot more effective and easy. It’s true! No more having to wait for the cooker to whistle or the water to boil because with a multiple purpose gas range, you can cook all these dishes in one go without having to test your patience. You can leave the curry cooking and the potatoes to boil as you go back to working on the assignment whose deadline approaches near with every tick of the clock. Multitasking has definitely never been easier than it is now with all these advancements in the cooking front. If the above lines have not convinced you about the advantages of owning a gas range then do not worry because here is a list of the benefits you can avail by investing in a good gas range.

Benefits of gas range

  • Firstly, and this is a given, you can save a lot of time with a gas range. Yes! This is a well established fact that a 36 inch gas range comes with at least four or five burners so this makes the cooking process faster as you can cook a variety of dishes at the same time. Therefore, it does not consume a lot of time so any worries of yours about wasting your precious time waiting to cook the other dishes is vanished by this gas range.
  • Now that you do not have to worry about your time being wasted, the other thing you do not have to worry about is wasting the heat. Gas burners are designed to emit heat less when compared to electric stoves therefore, along with being time efficient, it is energy efficient as well.
  • Since it is already energy efficient, it also does not require any electricity for its functioning. You can prepare any dish in the gas burner without hesitation and worry of the electricity going off.
  • With multiple gas burners, you also get to set cooking temperatures accurately and control them more according to your choice.

Therefore, these are just some of the amazing benefits you can get from using a gas range that meets all your cooking requirements. Now that you have a clear idea of the things you should remember when buying a gas range and also the benefits that come along with investing in the same, you are probably wondering about the best gas range brands available on the market for you to access easily. You do not have to beat your head about and around it because we have that problem fixed for you as well in the list below which contains some of the best gas ranges available online and the product link is also attached for you to access the product easily. Best 36-inch gas range 2020

Cosmo 36 inch COS-965AGFC Gas Range Cooktop With 5 Burners

This gas range has a capacity of 3.8 cu. ft. and comes with an oven that has rapid convection and can perform five functions. The stainless steel of the gas also contains heavy duty cast iron grates for better strength and stability. It has a triple ring burner, rapid burner, semi-rapid burners, and an auxiliary burner which makes it easy for you to perform and cook multiple tasks and dishes at once. This is perfect to meet your wide array of needs and requirements. The in built oven comes with a broil, roast, and bake modes with fan convection. Therefore, you can not just cook delicious and savory dishes with this gas range but also bake delightful and creamy cakes and desserts. The design too fits the standard of modern aesthetics perfectly adding a hint of elegance to your kitchen space. It is not just designed to look good but also designed to be durable and work efficiently. Here is the product link

Empava 36 inch Gas Range Cooktop

This 36 inch gas range by Empava comes with 5 burners sealed with Italy Sabaf and NG/LPG convertible made of stainless steel. It is designed to provide you with a high quality experience in your cooking session making it more delightful and fun. It is equipped with safety measures to ensure a secure use. It has a modern design and features so that the modern you can cook dishes more efficiently. The modern design has a contemporary touch to it with features like a gas conversion kit made of liquified petroleum, a flame-out failure system equipped with thermocouple, and elements necessary for heating such as five different burners and nick makes the cooking process very time efficient and easy. This gas range is sure to make your cooking experience better and more flexible. Here is the product link

Thor Free Standing Professional Kitchen Style Gas Range

This gas range comes with a capacity of 4.2 c.u ft. and an oven with a convection fan. It has four burners with cast iron gates and is made of stainless steel. The interiors offer a pretty cool look as well with a blue porcelain interior in the oven. Designed not only to make your gas range a pro but to make your entire kitchen a pro as well, this range makes a bold statement for your kitchen with its elegant and modern design. It contains dual-fuel ranges with ventilation hood that not only look stylish but are also very strong and powerful. It is easy to clean and maintain, has neutral tone, and is durable as well but most of all, it adds value to your kitchen. Hence, if you are looking for style and efficiency, this gas range is probably for you.

Pro Style 36 inch Gas Range with 6 Burners

This gas range comes with six burners to make your cooking less time consuming and more delicious. Moreover, it also comes with a bundle of LP conversion kit. The cooktop contains a sealed dual burner and single burners. The surface of the cooktop is easy to clean as well as it comes with a drip pan made with black porcelain. You can move large cookwares easily because of the cooking grates made of large cast irons. The oven capacity is 5.2 c.u. ft. You can broil dishes faster with the infrared broil burner that allows you to prepare savory meals. It has an oven with a blue porcelain interior. In order to maintain the precise temperatures, it is controlled thermostatically. It has two oven racks plated with nickel and the oven cavity is illuminated by two halogen lights. It is also durable and simple to maintain and the design is pretty good too. Here is the product link

Kucht Professional KRG3618U-B 36 inch 5.2 c.u ft. Natural Gas Range

This is a natural gas range that comes with burners that are perfectly sealed. The convection oven is made of stainless steel which gives it strength and more durability. It has a very unique display color of royal blue. It is crafted with utmost detail and attention even to the smallest of elements in order to deliver a product that fits your cooking requirements perfectly. You can turn your kitchen into a restaurant by feeling and cooking like a chef with this gas range. It fits in larger kitchens and also adds a stylish aura to your kitchen. This gas range is heavy duty and made with blue porcelain. It has an extra large oven with convection, configuration of five racks, and an oven window that is extra large as well. It also comes with manual control which makes your cooking process very easy and methodical. The ignition is electric and the auto re-ignition feature is designed to make your cooking safe by reducing gas leak risks if any. Hence, be prepared to feel larger than life with this gas range. Here is the product link

NXR 36 inch SC3611 Pro-Style Natural Gas Range With 5.5 c.u ft. Capacity

This gas range comes with six burners, a convection oven and is made of stainless steel. It has a capacity of 5.5 c.u ft. It makes you feel like a professional and is designed with a precise excellence and brilliance to make it the center of attention in your kitchen. Want to attract your guests with your gas range? Well then this gas range might do the job for you! It comes with German designed single stack burners made with high class quality and is versatile enough to fit your multiple needs and purposes. It is equipped with the re-ignition feature to ensure your safety while cooking or otherwise and will also prevent the buildup of gas. What’s more? It’s pretty easy to maintain as well as the fact that it tags along a black drip pan for ease of maintenance cannot be dismissed. So get your cooking gloves ready and become a pro with this pro style gas range! Here is the product link

Atosa NAT GAS ATO-12G4B 36 inch Gas Range

This gas range by Atosa comes with four burners and 12 inch griddle with a 26 inch stove ETL. It has an oven pilot that guarantees safety and protection and comes with oven rack guides of multiple positions. It is made with stainless steel and has an iron cast that is heavy duty and also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Since this is a standard oven, it does not require any electricity and is wireless. Hence, it is time efficient and energy efficient too so you can fulfill your idea of minimal living with this simple yet efficient gas range. Here is the product link

Empava 36 inch Gas Range

This 36 inch gas range by Empava comes with a built in tempered glass and cooktops. It also has stove tips with imported Sabaf burners. It has an installation that is built in and the ignition type is pulse. The cable length is four feet and it is made up of tempered glass exclusively. It has a voltage capacity of 110V. It also includes a liquified petroleum kit for gas conversion and a thermocouple failure system flame-out to ensure a safe use of the gas range. There are five burners and the fuel required is NG or LPG. Hence, this can be a very effective gas range for you. Here is the product link

Cosmo 36 inch COS-965AGC Gas Range

This 36 inch gas range by Cosmo comes with a cooktop with five burners and COS-5MU36 36 in. under the cabinet range with ductless hood and convertible duct. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a convection oven that has a rapid capacity of 3.8 c.u ft. It includes iron cast gates which are heavy duty and makes you feel like a professional chef when you are cooking. This gas range is designed with the belief that everyone needs the right tools to cook like a professional and hence, it also allows you to feel like one. You can bake, cook, broil, and prepare savory or sweet dishes and cuisine using this gas range. It is designed to deliver superior and effective results and highly elevate and enhance your cooking time. It also comes with a timer of twelve hour which is a built-in display and is controlled electronically. To make it more versatile than it already is, it also includes a conversion kit of liquid propane which is sold separately from the gas range. It is also helpful in reducing the odour and mess with ease suggesting that it requires little effort for its maintenance. Hence, you can cook with ease with this gas range. Here is the product link

Imperial Commercial Restaurant Style 36 inch Gas Range

This Imperial 36 inch gas range comes with a cooktop of six burners and a standard oven. It is a natural gas model that features a very simple and classic design. It does not have many complexities to it and is very easy and simple to use delivering quite effective and restaurant like results. It weighs 528 pounds and features a pyro centric burner that allows your cooking to be even. It also comes with anti-clogging iron cast burners which are removable to ensure that the gas range can be cleaned and maintained easily and properly. Certainly this gas range comes with comparatively simple features but if you are looking for something simple and not over the top with highly designed features and still be useful for your multiple cooking purposes then this gas range might fit that description for you perfectly. Hence, its simplicity is what makes it stand out! Here is the product link Therefore, these are some of the best gas ranges available online and the product link has been attached to each and every product so that you do not have to go haywire searching for these products here and there. Make sure to keep all the above mentioned points in mind to make the best out of your gas range purchase because the quality, durability, and efficiency of the gas range ultimately depends upon your choice. You may read a number of articles and watch a dozen of videos but in the end, it all comes down to your choice and selection and the consequences will follow accordingly. This article has lined up every little detail about a gas range precisely in simple terms so hope it has been of utmost help to you. Anytime you want an idea for a gas range, you can always come back and seek help here. Hence, these gas ranges are sure to make you feel like a professional cook and probably let your inner Gordon Ramsay shine!

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